Richard Reed Parry - Music for Heart and Breath / WFMT: New Release Of the Week'

‘Music for Heart and Breath' is Richard Reed Parry's debut as a classical composer, inspired by the likes of Steve Reich and Brian Eno. Parry is well known for his work as a multi-instrumentalist with the Grammy-winning alternative rock band Arcade Fire. He draws his influences from classical music, folk and electronica. The concept behind ‘Heart and Breath' is that every musician involved in the piece generates his own tempo by listening to his/her pulse during the performance. Fragile and intimate, these pieces reflect Parry's philosophy that music and nature (in this case, the body) can be explicitly linked. Richard Reed Parry's - Quartet for Heart and Breath' ON Music for Heart and Breath featuring the Kronos Quartet on Deutsche Grammophon is the WFMT - Chicago: New Release Of the Week'        
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Karl Jenkins: motets - Polyphony / WQXR 'Album Of the Week'

The career of Welsh composer Karl Jenkins is something of a paradox: he's been hugely successful around the globe, having amassed 17 gold and platinum albums and been featured in TV commercials for British Airways and De Beers. His choral work The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace has been performed nearly 2,000 times in approximately 30 countries. Yet, even as he turned 70 in February, many classical music listeners don't seem to know who he is. This release, featuring the English choir Polyphony, offers a fine introduction, featuring choral adaptations of Jenkins's previous hit compositions. They include three pieces taken from The Armed Man (commissioned England's Royal Armouries Museum); Pie Jesu and In paradisum, from his Requiem; and Exsultate jubilate, based on Palladio the neo-Baroque piece made famous in the De Beers ad.  Karl Jenkins: motets - Polyphony is the WQXR -  New York: 'Album Of the Week'
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Sonny Rollins - Road Shows Vol. 3 / The Scotsman review

This recording Road Shows Vol. 3 provides proof that age is no barrier to exuberant performance. Its star, tenor saxophone titan Sonny Rollins, is to be heard in one powerhouse live performance after another during a period (2001-2012) when his age ranged from 71 to 81. Particularly riveting is Solo Sonny, an eight-minute stream of musical consciousness in which Rollins steams through a couple of chapters of the Great American Songbook that must have had his St Louis audience on the edge of their seats.-Alison Kerr
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Milos Karadaglic - Aranjuez / NPR: Weekend Edition Sunday interview

If you're a classical guitarist, it may be impossible to resist the pull of one iconic piece: the Concierto de Aranjuez by Spanish composer . Many musicians regard it as the holy grail of guitar repertoire, including a man so big in the classical world he is known by only one name: . "One thing about this particular piece is that this melody really transcends into so many different areas, to so many different genres," says 30-year-old Milos Karadaglić, who was born across the Mediterranean from Spain in the tiny Balkan country of Montenegro. "While it is a classical guitar piece and the most iconic of classical guitar pieces, it has inspired so many other musicians to play it." Milos' latest album is called Aranjuez, but as he explained to NPR's Arun Rath, it isn't just a tribute to Rodrigo: "It's about the journey of the guitar in the 20th century." He spoke with Rath about crafting a narrative from the work of Rodrigo and another Spanish composer, . Hear their conversation at the audio link. Listen to the interview and in-studio performance on NPR: Weekend Edition Sunday.
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A Guitar Hero Draws His Own Sketches of Spain

Hafez Nazeri - Rumi Symphony Project: Untold / BBC News interview

Iranian musician Hafez Nazeri left his country 14 years ago to follow his dream in the United States. The son of acclaimed Iranian singer Shahram Nazeri, he went to New York City to study composing and conducting classical music. In his first album recorded outside of the country, Nazeri mixed Iranian music with classical Western music, following the path of artists like Yehudi Menuhin and Ravi Shankar who forged music styles in their Grammy Award-winning 1966 album "West Meets East". In September, he will return to Iran to perform the new music in his home country for the first time. He spoke to BBC Persian's Sam Farzaneh about his album Untold and his musical journey. Watch Hafez Nazeri's interview on BBC News.
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Project Trio - Instrumental / review

It's not easy to be unique. In music especially, it seems like every good band name has already been taken, every genre tried (witch house anyone?), and every ensemble "sound" already stamped by someone else. Even so, I don't know of another group like PROJECT Trio, which consists of a cellist, double bassist, and beat-boxing flutist, all classically trained, who play jazz, classical, Latin, and a combination of those and other genres. But idiosyncratic instrumentation and style don't remove an artist from other influences. Instrumental, PROJECT Trio's latest recording for their label Harmonyville Records, contains buoyant and groove-based songs that often seem to reference other artists or genres, but played on flute, cello, and bass. READ THE FULL REVIEW.
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Thomas Hampson performs Strauss recital at Tanglewood / The Boston Globe review

Richard Strauss' "Himmelsboten," which opened "Strauss and His World," Wednesday's Tanglewood recital by baritone Thomas Hampson and pianist Wolfram Rieger, is one song, but might as well be six: Each stanza gets its own musical milieu. As Hampson impishly asked a sunbeam to enter his beloved's window and kiss her breast, the melodic surge shuffled the harmonies through an entire deck of keys. Some composers create musical order as a refuge from the world's messiness; Strauss fled into excess. Commemorating this year's Strauss anniversary (the composer's 150th birthday), Hampson and Rieger fashioned eight of his disparate songs into a convincing cycle: young to old, love to loss, light to dark to light again. Among occasional drama - Hampson reached ringing, heroically hopeful heights in "Heimliche Aufforderung," as well as "Sehnsucht," with its similarly grand (if more equivocal) trajectory - the dominant mood was lush and languorous, a "velvet thread through the graying dusk," as "Traum durch die Dämmerung" put it. READ THE FULL Boston Globe REVIEW.
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Vijay Iyer - Mutations / The Sydney Morning Herald review

Best known as a jazz pianist and composer, Vijay Iyer is also a physicist and a researcher into cognitive theory as it applies to music. Something of that scientific rigour seeps into the creativity of the American's composing, the centrepiece here being Mutations, a 10-part suite for string quartet, piano and electronics. Just as chance events may generate the mutations that we collectively refer to as evolution, so in Iyer's pieces improvised elements may cause structural transformation. The concept has ties to minimalism and its offshoots, including the Necks. Iyer is the key improviser and he controls the sampling of live sounds. His partially improvised piano is layered atop the strings and electronics. Process aside, this is gorgeously melodic and harmonically rich music, studded with textual and rhythmic surprises. The album is topped and tailed by pieces without strings that contribute to a prevailing mood of pensive, slightly eerie, unsentimental sadness. -John Shand
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Richard Reed Parry - Music for Heart and Breath / NME review

The Richard Reed Parry releasing this album, Music for Heart and Breath, of biologically inspired classical music, is, of course, the same Richard Reed Parry of Arcade Fire. The idea behind his full debut is to have performers involved, who include Nico Muhly, The National's Dessner twins, yMusic and Kronos Quartet, who play wearing stethoscopes so they keep in time not with the conductor but their own pulse and breathing rate. An interesting idea, for sure, but such contrivances don't always make for enjoyable listening. In this case even when the music, arranged for various duets, quartets and sextets is falling out of sync – perhaps especially when it is – it's a success, the influence of the body on the music making it sound positively alive.-Andy Welch
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Bill Frisell composes score for filmmaker Bill Morrison's The Great Flood / Denver Westword interview

New York-based filmmaker Bill Morrison had already made two short films using Bill Frisell's pre-recorded music, but Morrison wanted to work with the well-known jazz guitarist on a longer project. That effort would become The Great Flood, a documentary that they started collaborating on a few years ago and released on DVD last year. Using film footage from the Fox Movietone News Collection and the National Archives of the Mississippi River Flood of 1927 (the most destructive flood in American history), Morrison assembled the eighty-minute film. There's not a word in the movie -- much less dialogue or narration -- just Frisell's score to accompany the visuals of the catastrophe. In advance of a screening Saturday, July 19 at the Boulder Theater, Denver Westword spoke with Morrison about what inspired him to make the film. READ THE FULL Denver Westword INTERVIEW.
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Mary Chapin Carpenter: how sad songs make us brave / The Salt Lake Tribune interview

Singing with an orchestra - a great feeling - is like riding an enormous wave of sound, says singer/songwriter Mary Chapin Carpenter. "You don't want to oversing," she says. "You don't want to get ahead of it. You have to find the right amount of power and yet maintain subtlety and dynamics. You don't want to be swallowed up." Working with composer Vince Mendoza changed the way the singer heard her own songs, which started their life with only her voice and an acoustic guitar. Mendoza has released six Grammy Award-winning albums, arranged music for musicians ranging from Elvis Costello to Joni Mitchell, and until 2013 served as conductor of the Dutch Metropole Orchestra. His lush, sweeping arrangements of Carpenter's songs seemed so cinematic in scope they suggested the title for the album, Songs From the Movie. "The interesting thing about it was they were all from different eras and albums - over the last 1,000 years or so of my life," she jokes, "but when Vince had done his arrangements and they were all collected, they sounded so cohesive to me. It felt like they could be a soundtrack." READ THE FULL Salt Lake Tribune INTERVIEW.
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Alisa Weilerstein - Dvorak / BBC Music Magazine review

A mixture of muscular virtuosity and radiant reflection marks the middle part of the first movement. Alisa Weilerstein's performance of the slow movment reveals a profound understanding of the relationship between the solo parts and the multi-faceted delicacy of Dvořák's orchestration, while that of the finale confirms that this is one of the great ensemble performances of this concerto available. Pick up the August issue of BBC Music Magazine to read the full review.
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Top 10 Albums for July

Time for Three :


Time for Three – violinist Zachary (Zach) De Pue, violinist Nicolas (Nick) Kendall and double-bassist Ranaan Meyer – defy traditional genre classification happily and infectiously, with an uncommon mix of virtuosity, creativity and showmanship.  The American trio who thrive on originality will release their Universal Music Classics self-titled debut. The album showcases not only the trio's melody-rich string weave but also its unique flair for collaboration.  It was these compelling qualities that led Universal Music Classics to sign the trio as their first U.S. act to their newly branded label.   Time For Three features tracks co-produced by Rob Moose from Bon Iver and Grammy-winning producer David Lai, and memorable pairings with pop singer-songwriter Joshua Radin, jazz saxophone icon Branford Marsalis,  Decca's young cello star Alisa Weilerstein, ukulele ace Jake Shimabukuro, and folk-pop sister duo Lily & Madeleine. 44 NEW   98 TOTAL SYND: PRI/Echoes & Classical 24, FolkScene Direct: SiriusXM, MOOD Markets include: New York, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Cleveland, St. Louis, Seattle, Atlanta, Houston, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Portland, Austin, Denver, New Orleans, Detroit, Austin, Albuquerque, Louisville, Columbus & Toledo OH Online & Press: the indie,, Classically Hip, wildmansteve, Taintradio
Gabriel Kahane :

The Ambassador

From Die Hard to the architecture of Richard Neutra and R.M. Schindler, from Blade Runner to the fiction of James M. Cain and Raymond Chandler, and from fires, riots, and earthquakes to the lives of so many Americans who have looked to Southern California as a panacea, Gabriel Kahane's The Ambassador (Masterworks)draws its inspiration from a multitude of sources to tell intimate, human stories against the backdrop of Los Angeles architecture and popular culture.  42 TOTAL Markets include: New York, Chicago, Boston, Minneapolis, Cleveland, New Orleans, Las Vegas, Honolulu Online & Press: The NYTimes  
Various :

Red Hot + Bach

Red Hot + Bach charts a new pathway into the musical universe of Johann Sebastian Bach. Through the collaboration of performers, producers, DJs and artists from around the world and across the spectrum of contemporary music, different facets of Bach's centuries-old masterpieces are transformed with fresh energy and modern virtuosity that know no limits. The creators of Red Hot + Bach embrace Bach as a living artistic force, as real and as vital today as he was when he lived (1685-1750). They range across nineteen freely imagined tracks from mandolin virtuoso Chris Thile (Nickel Creek, The Punch Brothers), singer/songwriters Gabriel Kahane and Shara Worden (My Brightest Diamond), jazz legend Ron Carter, DJ/producer King Britt and the Icelandic band amiina, to imaginative classical artists such as the Kronos Quartet, composer Max Richter, violinist Daniel Hope and organ virtuoso Cameron Carpenter.  33 NEW   46 TOTAL SYND: NPR/Hearts Of Space, PRI/Echoes & Classical 24 Direct: SiriusXM, MOOD Markets include: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Houston, Minneapolis, Portland, Denver, New Orleans, Detroit, Albuquerque, Louisville, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee Online & Press:  Taintradio, MOJA, Bass Musician Magazine
The 442s :


Genre-defying 21st century acoustic quartet - The 442s release their debut recording combining a virtuosic blend of musicianship, singing, improvisation and whistle solos. The 442s are quickly gaining a substantial following throughout the U.S. The band includes a violinist and cellist from the world-renowned St. Louis Symphony, plus two of the most accomplished jazz musicians in St. Louis. Performing the innovative original compositions of Adam Maness, who plays piano, guitar, accordion, melodica and glockenspiel in the group, The 442s features violinist Shawn Weil, cellist Bjorn Ranheim, and bassist Sydney Rodway. Famed vocalist, Erin Bode, appears frequently with the group and is also featured on the new album.  15 NEW ON - 35 Total SYND: Classical 24, Out Of the Woods Markets include: New York, Houston, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Cleveland, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Portland, Detroit, Denver, Austin, Berkeley CA Online: wildmansteve, Taintradio
Milos :


Celebrated guitarist Miloš Karadaglić releases his fourth U.S. recording, Aranjuez, July 8th on Deutsche Grammophon/Mercury Classics.  Already a #1 charting record in the UK and France, Aranjuez pays tribute to the great composers and musicians who placed the modern classical guitar firmly on the international stage. Miloš takes the Concierto de Aranguez as the starting point for a journey across the Spanish landscape, celebrating the music of Joaquín Rodrigo and Manuel de Falla. 65 NEW - 73 TOTAL SYND: PRI/Classical 24, CBC Direct: SiriusXM, Music Choice, MOOD Markets include: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, Wash DC, Dallas, Atlanta, Austin, St. Louis, Cleveland, Minneapolis, Portland, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Denver, Detroit, New Orleans, Honolulu, Canada Online: MusiClassical, Classically Hip, Taintradio, WGOE
Gustavo Santaolalla :


Gustavo Santaolalla's solo instrumental album Ronroco was a game-changer for the visionary artist when it was released in 1998. Camino, released by Sony Music Masterworks is the long-awaited follow up to that album – a rich, beautifully crafted instrumental journey illuminating Santaolalla's unmistakable sound. Camino again features the Grammy® and Academy Award®-winning composer playing the ronroco, his signature 10-string Andean folk instrument similar to the charango, as well as other instruments that he has mastered including the guitar, guitarron, oud, cuatro, toba violin, and bouzouki. The album includes 12 new tracks, along with one of the featured tracks from Santaolalla's recent BAFTA Games-nominated soundtrack to Sony PlayStation's The Last of Us. 21 Total Markets include: New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Houston, Portland, Baltimore, Milwaukee, Albuquerque, Berkeley CA Online: Taintradio, All Music,
Magos Herrera | Javier Limon :


Every relationship is about the commingling of two unique sensibilities into one harmonious experience. Dawn is a musical romance, bringing together the passion and rhythmic drive of Flamenco with the sultry sophistication and alluring wit of Jazz. As the title implies, Dawn, marks a bold beginning for the partnership between the Mexican-born Jazz vocalist Magos Herrera and the young Spanish Flamenco innovator Javier Limón.  19 NEW ON - 26 Total Markets include: Boston, St. Louis, Milwaukee Inter: Canada, UK Press & Online: NYTimes, Taintradio, examiner, Hot House, AXS, Blogcritics
Mak Grgic :

Cinema Verismo

Mak Grgić, has quickly established himself as one of today's top guitarists. His debut Marquis Music recording: Cinema Verismo, from presents a new approach for solo guitar music showcasing brilliant performances of age-old classical selections, such themes from The Godfather, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Volver, The Mission, West Side Story and Chariots of Fire. Grgić displays a powerful expressive range and a highly inventive combination of bravura, precision, and deep expression. One will be astonished by the reocording's flow and beauty as well as the striking quality of sound achieved on the variety of guitars used in this recording.  13 NEW - 80 TOTAL SYND: PRI/Classical 24, The Romantic Hours, CBC Direct: Music Choice, MOOD Markets include: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, Wash DC, Atlanta, Austin, St. Louis, Cleveland, Minneapolis, Portland, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Denver, Detroit, New Orleans, Honolulu, Canada Online: MusiClassical, Taintradio, WGOE
Kavita Shah :


A vivid self-portrait in mosaic form, Kavita Shah's Visions?on Greg Osby's Inner Circle Music heralds the arrival of a strikingly original, globally minded new voice. The gifted vocalist/composer brings together a rich variety of musical, cultural, and personal influences into a formidable debut album that combines a jazz quintet with Indian tablas and the West African kora. 11 NEW ON 151 Total SYND: NPR, Jazz with Bob Parlocha, VOA, UnderCurrents, CBC Markets include: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Seattle, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Portland, Las Vegas, Albuquerque, San Antonio, El Paso, Madison WI, Buffalo NY, Omaha NE, Honolulu, Montreal Inter: Canada, India Online: Jazz From Gallery 41, M3, MOJA, Taintradio, Blogcritics,,, Metro, Explosive Fashion, AXS, StepTempest, Worldnews
Christopher Bono :


Composer Christopher Bono's major new ambient-orchestral album BARDO will be released on the Our Silent Canvas label on July 15, 2014. The 60-minute, full-album work is a surreal musical drama narrating the journey of "The Fool" (a character derived from the ancient Tarot system), which illustrates the character's cycle from despair and darkness, through the afterlife, transcendence, and finally rebirth. The album will have digital distribution through Naxos, and will be available on CD and special edition vinyl through Our Silent Canvas ( 10 NEW   24 TOTAL Markets include: New York, Denver, Baltimore, Austin, Berkeley, Albuquerque Online: All Music, M3