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2002 - Celtic Fairy Dream gets #2 spot on April: 'New Age Music Guide'

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Here is finally some positive news! For New Age music, 2020 has so far been incredible. The age of COVID-19 might seem like a crazy time to release new music, but looking back we can thank Michael Whalen, Nicholas Gunn, 2002, Pam Asberry, and Max Highstein and others for giving us uplifting and fresh music during this trying time. 

Indeed, when COVID-19 is a thing of the past, many of the titles on the below list will live on. "Celtic Fairy Dream" might very well be 2002's best album to date, and Nicholas Gunn has struck gold with his new sound. I must also mention "A Better Life – An Introduction to the Mindful Music Association", which was released back in January. Enya is, of course, still going strong, and many have turned to her music during this difficult time.

2002's ' Celtic Fairy Dream' gets the #2 spot on New Age Music Chart – April 2020

"Celtic Fairy Dream" is the eagerly awaited follow-up from the award-winning group 2002 to their very successful 2016 recording "Celtic Fairy Lullaby". One of the world's premier new age music ensembles, 2002 has an eager and vocal worldwide audience. While husband and wife Randy and Pamela Copus have produced many albums as a duo, their last few releases have featured their daughter Sarah who is truly a rising star as a lead vocalist. Fans of Enya, Loreena Mckennitt, and Clannad will find a lot to like in the magical music of 2002.

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