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2002's ' Celtic Fairy Dream' seems more essential now than ever / JWVIBE

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In a brief but insightful documentary about the creation of their gently transcendent, traditional new album Celtic Fairy Dream, 2002's Randy Copus made a comment that seems uniquely prescient for its release in the Spring of 2020, when the world is going through unprecedented collective challenges. Speaking long before the coronavirus pandemic, he said, "The more stressful times become, the more we need relaxing music to take us away from some of that stress. If our music can help with that, we've done something good."

Blending their passions for pop, folk, prog-rock, ambient and neo-classical music  Randy (piano, electric cello, guitar, bass, keyboards) and his wife Pamela (flutes, harp, keyboards, the wind instrument WX5) have been doing just that, creating an inspiring new age fusion for nearly 30 years. With the addition of their multi-talented teenage daughter Sarah (vocals, Celtic harp, baritone ukulele, piano, Irish whistle) in 2014, they've incorporated more traditional, lilting Irish vibes as well. While colorful, gracefully seductive dreamscapes have always been their trademark, somehow every note, every caressing texture and especially every emotion conveyed by Sarah's ethereal voice (as she sings in English, Gaelic and Welsh) on Celtic Fairy Dream seems more essential now than ever.