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Accademia Bizantina

Haydn - Symphonies nos. 78-81

Decca Records

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1 Haydn Symphony nos. 78 / Vivace  
2 Haydn Symphony nos. 78 / Adagio  
3 Haydn Symphony nos. 78 / Menuetto & Trio: Allegretto  
4 Haydn Symphony nos. 78 / Finale: Presto  
5 Haydn Symphony nos. 79 / Allegro con spirito  
6 Haydn Symphony nos. 79 / Adagio cantabile un poco allegro  
7 Haydn Symphony nos. 79 / Menuetto & Trio: Allegretto  
8 Haydn Symphony nos. 79 / Finale: Vivace  
9 Haydn Symphony nos. 80 / Allegro spiritoso  
10 Haydn Symphony nos. 80 / Adagio  
11 Haydn Symphony nos. 80 / Menuetto  
12 Haydn Symphony nos. 80 / Finale: Presto  
13 Haydn Symphony nos. 81 / Vivace  
14 Haydn Symphony nos. 81 / Andante  
15 Haydn Symphony nos. 81 / Menuetto & Trio: Allegretto  
16 Haydn Symphony nos. 81 / Finale: Allegro ma non troppo  
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By the early 1780s, Haydn's fame had reached all corners of Europe. On January 1, 1779 he had signed a new contract with Prince Nikolaus Esterházy, for the first time explicitly allowing him to accept outside commissions and to enter into negotiations with publishers, thus making official a situation that had more or less unofficially existed for some years. Symphonies 76–78 (1782) were the first works Haydn expressly fashioned for international consumption - for a proposed visit to London that ultimately fell through. In offering the three new symphonies to the publisher Boyer of Paris, he described them as "beautiful, elegant and by no means over-long … all very easy" - very much characteristic of the sales-talk he would increasingly employ in his dealings with publishers.

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