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Echoes reprises Alexandra Streliski feature

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Alexandra Stréliski's INSCAPE is the work of an artist unconcerned with conventions, whose approach of neoclassicism is resolutely current. Stréliski has been in the spotlight this Summer following an incredible artistic collaboration with Jean-Marc Vallée for his latest HBO miniseries Sharp Objects, starring Amy Adams. Since then, her single Plus tôt is now over 2 million streams online.

On today's Echoes, Monday, May 13, 2019, the daily two-hour music soundscape, distributed by Public Radio International revisits it's segment from January. On the segment, the pianist talks about burning out on jingles, scoring HBO's Sharp Objects and her latest album of miniatures, Inscape. Echoes will also tickle Streliski's ivories.

Echoes is a and broadcast on 120 radio stations from Maine to Hawaii. With host John Diliberto, Echoes has worked with Brian Eno, Moby, Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush, Enya, Laurie Anderson, Steve Roach, and The Orb, to name several.