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Track Listing:

Peter Arrives and Settles in Los Angeles
Peter's Birthday
The Wolf Hunt Begins
Peter Builds the Robot
The Hunt Continues
Back at Grandfather's Home
Peter is Greeted By the Bird
The Ducks Waddles Over
Peter Notices the Cat
Grandfather Warns Peter
The Wold Reappears
The Duck is Caught
The Wolf Stalks the Bird and the Cat
Peter Prepares to Catch the Wolf
The Bird Diverts the Wolf
Peter Catches the Wolf
The Paparazzi Arrive
The Procession to the Zoo

Alice Cooper | National Youth Orchestra of Germany :

Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood

Deutsche Grammophon & Giants Are Small Partner For "Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood"

Description: C:\Users\Bettina\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Outlook\DB5ZQ7K9\Official_GAS_logo (002).jpgA Bold New Multi-Media Interpretation Of The Children's Classic Includes New DG Recording & IPad App with Narration By Rock Icon Alice Cooper - Available November 13

New York production company Giants Are Small and Deutsche Grammophon/UMC proudly present Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood -- an unforgettable journey of classical music, visual wonder, and digital play that bring aninvigorating new perspective to Prokofiev's classic. Audiences of all ages will be able to experience the beloved story of the resourceful Russian boy in multiple complementary formats: digital album, CD, and the richly immersive, interactive experience of an iPad app designed especially for children (age 5-8).   All will be available on November 13.

The album was recorded by Deutsche Grammophon with one of the world's leading youth orchestras, the National Youth Orchestra of Germany, directed by acclaimed conductor Alexander Shelley.

Giants Are Small, whose previous work was called "spectacular" by New York Magazine are the boutique studio that created this imaginative take on Peter and the Wolf. Hailed by critics and audiences alike for lavish stage shows that come alive, they are known for their signature fusion of theatre, live filmmaking, puppetry and music. Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood is co-directed by live animation masters Doug Fitch and Edouard Getaz.

Prokofiev's tale is set in modern-day Los Angeles and anchored with a thrilling prequel – set off by the wolf's escape from the local zoo – that takes Peter on a journey of robot building, a helicopter chase, and some melancholic introspection, all before he enters the forbidden meadow where he finally captures the wolf.

Giants Are Small's trademark style combining magical visuals, touching characters, and tone-perfect comic timing opens a fresh view of Peter's adventure - and a fresh hearing of Prokofiev's classic score, which is performed in full, preceded by a wide selection of works by classical music legends such as Wagner, Schumann, Mahler, and Satie.

Alice Cooper says that narrating Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood took him back to his childhood. "I first heard this back in Detroit, when I was six or seven years old. My mom put the record on and I was instantly transported to another world," he recalls. "And it has been huge fun for me to do something new after nearly 50 years in the business." He's also delighted with the story's modern-day twist. "I love the fact that it's moved on, and that Peter has come to Los Angeles to meet his grandfather, who turns out to be an old hippie! That gives the story a fresh dynamic. And I like that he's not in the least bit terrified by the wolf, when everybody else is freaking out."

The Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood app is aimed at deepening children's engagement with both the music and the story. For each character in the story, the app offers a game that emphasizes the personality conveyed by the musical theme. At each key turning point in the story, the child can help Peter in his daring quest to rescue the wolf that has escaped from the zoo.The result is an album and app with a humorous and fresh take on a much-loved classic, exploring themes of family and friendship, courage and heroism, and set against the backdrop of today's media-saturated celebrity world.  A bonus section, featuring short videos, explores the making of the project, including how the music was recorded, and the fascinating creative process behind the visuals of the app.



Based on Sergei Prokofiev's classic

With a prequel by Giants Are Small

Featuring Prokofiev's full score and excerpts from other works by great composers

Narrated by Alice Cooper

Co-directed by Doug Fitch and Edouard Getaz

National Youth Orchestra of Germany

Conducted by Alexander Shelley

Prequel written by Stephen Greco and Molly Smith Metzler

Produced by Edouard Getaz and Frederic Gumy

Illustrations and Design by Doug Fitch

Photographs and Sound Design by Edouard Getaz

Lighting Design by Scot Gianelli

Music produced by Sid McLauchlan

Executive Producers: Angelika Meissner, Ute Fesquet and James R. Smith