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Bach: Works for Trumpet

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Alison Balsom - Bach Works for Trumpet
The OHMI Trust - An Interview with Alison Balsom


Alison Balson - Concerto in C BWV 1055 - I Allegro
Alison Balsom - Badinerie from Orchestral Suite No2 BWV 1067
Alison Balsom - From Cello Suite No2 BWV 1008 - I Sarabande
1 Con. in D maj BWV 972  
2 From Cello Suite #2 BWV 1008  
3 Agnus Dei BWV 232 from Mass in Bm  
4 Con. in Cm BWV 974  
5 Bist du bei mir: Anna Mag. NB  
6 Trio Sonata in Cmaj BWV 529  
7 Gigue BWV 1006: Partita #3 for violin  
8 Aria Variata in Am BWV 989  
9 Con. in Cmaj BWV 1055  
10 Badinerie BWV 1067 from orchestral suite #2  
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Virtuosic. Rhapsodic with a pure sound. The 1st EMI Classics CD for trumpeter Alison Balsom, Bach. Ms Balsom plays piccolo trumpet & C trumpet, joined by some excellent soloists. Recorded at the Tonbridge School, this superb program includes: solo works, trumpet&organ, & chamber ensemble. New transcriptions

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