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Amanda Lee Falkenberg

The Moons Symphony

Signum Classics
Release Date: September 9, 2022

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Interview w/ WGTE
1 I. Io: Celestial Tug of War  
2 II. Europa: Is there an Ocean?  
3 III. Titan: Equatorial Dunes and Methane Monsoons  
4 IV. Enceladus: Rows and Rows of Gigantic Geysers  
5 V. Miranda: Monolithic Cliff  
6 VI. Ganymede: Magnetic Forces and Colossal Discoveries  
7 VII. Earth Moon: Earthrise – The Overview  
8 Claire de Lune L. 75 No. 3  
9 Reflections on Symphonic Space Flight  
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Inspired by the beauty and majesty of the moons in our solar system, composer Amanda Lee Falkenberg’s major new work is a thrilling merger of music and science. Discovering these fascinating moons of the outer solar system made her realise “These moons need music – these moons need emotion.” Extensive research followed and discussions with leading planetary scientists at NASA/JPL, John Hopkins APL and UMich along with consultations with astronauts helped shape the stories of the symphony.

Falkenberg’s experience as a film composer made her acutely aware of music’s emotional power and how she could unleash the moons’ secrets and transport the listener to experience each moon’s unique exotic habitats on a stunning space adventure.

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