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Angele Dubeau & La Pieta: Bio

Angèle Dubeau & La Pietà is a string orchestra with piano, composed of all top-ranking female musicians, amongst the best in the country. The excellence, precision and strength of each one, as well as the closeness that they have with each other, grant them an exceptional ensemble sound and contribute to the communicative pleasure that the orchestra imparts.

With her associates, Angèle Dubeau has travelled to South America and Asia, as well as several times throughout Canada and the United States. The members of this orchestra, thanks to the reputation they have acquired during their national and international tours, have become true ambassadors, whose success does us honour everywhere.

"5 Stars: …spacious, polished, springy, sensitive to harmonic nuance, simply produced." BBC Music Magazine, London, UK

"La Pietà is one of the finest string ensembles I have ever heard… Each time one of its players had an important solo, it was gorgeous… Concertmaster Dubeau played with stirring artistry. She is a master of her instrument with glorious tone, easy technical mastery and a fabulous command of harmonics…" Peninsula Reviews, San Francisco, US

1 Joulun Kellot: The Bells of Christmas  
2 Franz Gruber: Silent Night  
3 Perilhou Daudet: La vierge a la creche  
4 Vivaldi: Concerto in E Major, R.V. 270 / 1 Allegro  
5 Vivaldi: Concerto in E Major, R.V. 270 / 2 Adagio  
6 Vivaldi: Concerto in E Major, R.V. 270 / 3 Allegro  
7 Anon: Noel Nouvelet (arr. Claude Gagnon)  
8 Torelli: Grave-vivace  
9 Torelli: Largo  
10 Torelli: Vivace  
11 Anon: Laissez pa?tre vos betes( arr Claude Gagnon)  
12 Molter: Larghetto-Allegro e forte-Larghetto  
13 Molter: Aria 1: a tempo giusto  
14 Molter: Aria 2: Lento e sempre piano  
15 Molter: Aria 3: Tempo di minuetto-Larghetto  
16 Sibelius: Julvisa (Christmas Song)  
17 Dave Brubeck: Sleep Holy Infant (Lullaby)  
18 Glazounov: Les Chanteurs de Noel  
19 John Ireland: The Holy Boy  
20 Kelly-Marie Murphy  
Angele Dubeau - Prix Denise-Pelletier 2019

Silent night! Holy night! Hearing just a few notes of this eternal carol is enough to envelop us in a sweet tranquility and inner peace that goes well beyond the meaning of the words written by Joseph Mohr and music famous song by Franz Xaver Gruber. Jumbled memories arise of snow-covered countryside, crackling fires, delicious aromas filling the house, the joyful shouts of excited children unwrapping presents. Has Christmas turned into mere nostalgia, or can we rediscover the true meaning of this celebration' Angele Dubeau thinks we can and, through both popular songs and carols works associated with the Nativity, on 'NOEL' she offers here a voyage through a world with diverse origins and traditions. This musical tour and celebration of the Nativity will take you to Finland, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom, Russia, and, closer to home, Mexico and Canada, with the Huron Carol.

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