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Anoushka Shankar

Land of Gold

Deutsche Grammophon

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An Interview with Anoushka Shankar | Sound Tracks Quick Hits | PBS
Anoushka Shankar on why it was important to share her story of sexual abuse.
1 Boat to Nowhere
2 Secret Heart
3 Jump In (Cross the Line) feat. M.I.A.
4 Dissolving Boundaries
5 Land of Gold feat. Alev Lenz
6 Last Chance
7 Remain the Sea feat. Vanessa Redgrave
8 Crossing the Rubicon
9 Say Your Prayers
10 Reunion
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Land of Gold, Anoushka Shankar's fourth album for Deutsche Grammophon, is her heartfelt response to the trauma and injustice experienced by refugees and victims of war. Offering an uplifting message of hope for dark times, its music was inspired by recent news images of people fleeing civil war, oppression, poverty and unbearable hardship. The album contemplates the common thread of humanity and its power to reconnect people divided by hatred and fear. "The seeds of Land of Gold originated in the context of the humanitarian plight of refugees," Anoushka recalls. "It coincided with the time when I had recently given birth to my second child. I was deeply troubled by the intense contrast between my ability to provide for my baby, and others who desperately wanted to provide the same security for their children but were unable to do so."

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