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Tonight at Yoshi's: Soundcheck with Arturo Sandoval
1 Be Bop Medley
2 Dear Diz
3 El Manisero
4 Joy Spring
5 Second Line
6 Seven Steps
7 Suresa
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Melbourne, Australia's ALFI Records present the new album from brilliant trumpet player Arturo Sandoval - Live at Yoshi's. The prolific Cuban-born, Los Angeles-based Sandoval has squeezed a whole lot of living into his 65 years. His bio reads so much like a film script that his life was actually turned into an HBO movie starring Andy Garcia. Trained in classical music at the Cuban National School of Arts, Sandoval eventually defected from Cuba while in Europe on tour with Gillespie's United Nation Orchestra and settled in Miami to begin his musical life anew as a jazz composer, performer, producer and bandleader.

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