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Barre Phillips - Gyorgy Kurtag

Face a Face

Release Date: August 26, 2022

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1 Beyond  
2 The Under Zone  
3 Two By Two  
4 Across The Aisle  
5 Algobench  
6 Chosen Spindle  
7 Extended Circumstances  
8 Bunch  
9 Sharpen Your Eyes  
10 Ruptured Air  
11 Stand Alone  
12 Forest Shouts  
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Barre Phillips’s End to End album, released in 2018, brought the documentation of his music for solo bass to a profound conclusion. Now Face à Face returns the emphasis to collaborative work, to dialogue and shared creation, in improvisations with György Kürtág Jr.

The Hungarian composer and improviser, last heard on ECM on the album Kurtágonals in 2009, describes his musical relationship with Barre as “one of the most important of my life” and on Face à Face it is immediately that the two musicians share an advanced understanding. It is an understanding patiently built up over the years. They have been developing their duo project – featuring double bass, synthesizers and digital percussion - since 2014, and it is texturally and dynamically absorbing, fascinating to follow.

György Kurtág Jr continues to compose and research in France’s Bordeaux region.
Early in 2022, Barre Phillips returned to the United States after more than 50 years in France.
He is currently based in New Mexico.

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