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Anyone who knows and appreciates Rachmaninoff must be over the moon with this new BRCSO - Jansons recording / KLASSIK.COM

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These three are the opera "Francesca da Rimini" op. 25, the symphonic poem "The Bells" op. 35 and Rachmaninov's last composition, the "Symphonic Dances" op. 45. What makes all of three pieces special, and therefore outstanding, is the fact that Rachmaninov succeeds in reinventing his own style in each case - and this in relation to the "Symphonic Dances" even in the face of his own demise. The composer was also of the opinion that he had created something special with "The Bells" and the "Symphonic Dances"; he himself described them as his best works. 

"The Bells" and the "Symphonic Dances" are lovingly performed by the Bavarian Radio Choir and Symphony Orchestra conducted by Mariss Jansons and supported by the soloists Tatiana Pavlovskaya, Oleg Dolgov and Alexey Markov. Jansons once again proves his great class. It is precisely the long shadow cast by the 'Symhonic Dances' that he is able to turn into something both intoxicating and colourful. This interpretation leaves many others far behind, because it does not cause a great stir about itself. 

"The Bells" and the "Symphonic Dances" are connected by two aspects: the spiritual and the emotional. This also explains the quotation in the title of this review. As already mentioned, this three-movement work is the composer's last. On October 29, 1940, according to the beautiful booklet text by Larissa Kowal-Wolk, Rachmaniow noted 'I thank you, God' under the last page. In this atmosphere, Jansons performs true miracles, which is especially noticeable in the second movement. Rarely has the mixture of diabolical and sentiment been so clearly and clearly worked out as in this interpretation. The outstanding soloists of the orchestra also have a great merit in this. 

It is difficult here to assess the repertoire value, because hope, desire and reality are far apart. The highest score would be justified, but it is precisely "The Bells" that can probably never prevail against other far better known works by the composer. The "Symphonic Dances" in this release simply belong on every CD shelf, especially since this is a live recording, whatever that may mean in our times of digital adaptation. The sound quality is excellent in any case. 

Anyone who knows and appreciates Rachmaninoff must be over the moon with this new recording of Mariss Jansons where two of the composer's three masterpieces can be heard. There is only one thing left to do: Get it!
Simon Haasis