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Benjamin Gustafsson

She Is Poetry

Decca Records
Release Date: February 25, 2022

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She Is Poetry (Visualizer)
1 Close To Her  
2 She Is Poetry  

Benjamin Gustafsson is a singer-songwriter and composer from Sweden. Benjamin’s musical output spans both acoustic folk songs (in English and Swedish) and instrumental compositions for the piano. He produces his own recordings from his small home studio in the solitude of the Swedish countryside.

Benjamin’s creative influences include Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa, Russian filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky, and songwriters such as Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) and Nick Cave. Outside of music, his creative pursuits include photography, writing, reading, and exploring the forest that surrounds his home.

Benjamin’s music has generated 50 MILLION STREAMS on Spotify, where he has over 200K MONTHLY LISTENERS.

Benjamin Gustafsson’s music is strikingly singular, the work of an artist wholly committed to individuality and emotional expression. Gorgeous post-classical constructions that ooze out of the speakers, each piece – minimalist in construction, yet built for maximal impact – casts a spell, leaving a lingering emotional resonance that almost goes beyond words.

From his base in the Swedish countryside – “It takes a while to get here… and you pass quite a lot of trees!” – he’s been able to build a slim but powerful catalogue. Spider-like webs of sound, gossamer tales that build on pin-pricks of piano, and raindrops of guitar, using silence as an instrument in itself. “I truly long for beauty,” he explains. “There’s such an adrenalin kick when I’m making something that I think sounds beautiful, and I’m always looking to enhance that. I want to create the most intimate beauty, basically.

Working from his home studio, this post-classical auteur embraces solitude. He’s almost entirely isolated, but this forces him to embrace his own thoughts, to comb through his own emotions. “To find whatever is within,” he insists, “you have to leave everything and sit with yourself. I think there’s something there that I am very drawn to, the solitary life. It’s just questioning: what is my function in this life? How do we reach its fullest potential?”

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