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Bill Frisell

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Bill Frisell - Winslow Homer - Commentary
1 Pretty Stars
2 Winslow Homer
3 Change in the Air
4 What Do You Want?
5 Thankful
6 Ron Carter
7 Think About it
8 In Line
9 Rambler
10 The Pioneers
11 Monica Jane
12 Miss You
13 Go Happy Lucky
14 Kentucky Derby
15 Made to Shine
16 Rambler (Alternate Version)
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Almost every day, Bill Frisell gets up in the morning, has some coffee, and writes music. At this point, there are piles and piles and piles of single pages of staff paper filled with his graceful script. "I don't know where the melodies come from," says Frisell. "I try not to judge anything and just let them be." Frisell's mantra, or motto so to speak, is, "Music is good" – a statement said to him by his dear friend and great banjo player Danny Barnes. "That is something that I can say is always true. It's so perfect. Everything I need to know is that phrase, ‘Music is Good.' I almost called the album that, but then I thought that might be too literal. It's good to leave it open."

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