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Bobby McFerrin - SpiritYouAll | Musicians At Google
Bobby McFerrin Demonstrates the Power of the Pentatonic Scale
1 Everytime
2 Swing Low
3 Joshua
4 Fix Me Jesus
5 Woe
6 I Shall Be Released
7 Whole World
8 Gracious
9 25:15
10 Wade
11 Glory
12 Jesus Makes It Good
13 Rest / Yes Indeed
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For decades, Bobby McFerrin has broken all the rules. The 10-time Grammy winner waged a quiet revolution, blurring the distinction between pop music and high art, goofing around barefoot in the world's finest concert halls, exploring uncharted vocal territory, inspiring a whole new generation of a cappella singers and the beatbox movement. Now he surprises us by bringing it all back home with his new album, spirityouall from Sony Masterworks.

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