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Bodhild Vossgard

Voggesongar til jorda


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1 Blomar bl?mer stille  
2 Hjarteslag  
3 Kvil  
4 Manen seglar stille  
5 Sov min vesle klode  
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We talked about it 15 years ago while we gave out Strandmummel. We wanted to make lullabies. But Bodhild was busy with other projects in addition to her job as a cellist in Stavanger Symphony Orchestra.  She released a solo album called Free in 2012. Chamber music and songs with her own lyrics in 2017 called Omfavn (Embrace). Hjerteåpner (Heart opener) for chamber orchestra and piano in 2018. A cello solo EP, Cellogaver (Cellogifts) in 2020. 

Under the pandemic however, a new need for calm knocked on the door. It was as if people were being asked to slow down. Askill Voll sent the lyrics one by one. The music came easily. One of the melodies, Sov min vesle klode (Sleep my little globe), even came two days before the lyric. 

Hanne Vasshus was an easy choice with her sparkling and open personality shining through her voice. She was the right singer to convey the joy that comes from calmness. 

We recorded in Team Studio in Stavanger, Norway, with Ida Mo Schanche on piano, and for the first time Bodhild did not play cello on her own recording because of a bad case of tendonitis in her shoulder. Ilmari Hopkins played the cello.

And why not? This was all about calmness, and it was fun and relaxing to sit by the mixing table as producer and composer. 

The lyrics are in Norwegian. They are about our fragile planet and love for nature.

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