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Bruce Wolosoff

Paradise Found

Release Date: April 22, 2022

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1 Cello Sonata No.1: Paradise Found / I. Ecstatically (5:14)  
2 II. Semplice (5:35)  
3 III. Largo – Andante – Più moderato (6:32)  
4 IV. Allegro (5:16)  
5 Cello Sonata No.2: Requiem for the Planet / I. Song of the Earth (6:34)  
6 II. Requiem Aeternam (5:35)  
7 III. The Great Waters (5:10)  
8 IV. Epilogue: I have loved this world so dearly (3:39)  
9 Circe (5:36)  
10 The Woods (for April Gornik) (6:47)  
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The distinguished New York-based composer-pianist Bruce Wolosoff synthesizes traditional tonal idioms with lifelong enthusiasms for jazz, blues, and rock music, creating a distinct musical language that speaks to the heart, but is unmistakably contemporary. His soaring, soulful melodies are strikingly suited to the cello, “in some ways my favorite instrument,” admits Wolosoff, “after my own of course.” For Paradise Found, he reunites with Grammy Award-winning cellist Sara Sant’Ambrogio – the pair previously collaborated on Wolosoff’s Cello Concerto, a Top 10 Billboard Classical chart hit – for the first recordings of his two Cello Sonatas, and two miniatures Circe and The Woods.
Paradise Found is indelibly inspired by the splendors of the natural world. The title track – Wolosoff’s first cello sonata – was composed under the shadow of 2020’s first COVID lockdown and serves as an affirmation of lasting beauty when the world was plunged into a very dark place. “In composing this piece,” Wolosoff reveals, “I wanted to remind myself, and future listeners, that the world is still beautiful.”

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