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Cantus is a Norwegian female choir founded in 1986. It consists of around 30 amateur singers,[1] and is based in Trondheim. Their director is Tove Ramlo-Ystad. Despite being an amateur choir, they keep holding a very good international standard, and have shown this through winning several competitions through the years. Cantus won the 1st Xinghai Prize International Choir Championships in Guangzhou, China (2012) and is ranked as number 1 in their class, and 8th best in the world, on the webpages of interkultur.com. In 2013, Cantus appears on the soundtrack of the Disney animated movie Frozen, with a Sámi inspired piece written by Frode Fjellheim and movie composer Christophe Beck

1 Vuelie
2 Dona Nobis Pacem
3 Northern Lights
4 Winter's Night
5 Sacred
6 Aejlies
7 Njoktje
8 Kyrie
9 Mu Vaibmu lheim
10 Psalm Cantus
11 Pater Noster
12 Night Yoik
Cantus - Northern Lights
Cantus: Highlights from 'Northern Lights' Album Launch

They helped inspire one of thebiggest films in box office history, and now the women of Cantus – the Norwegian choir who sang the opening track to Disney's animated hit Frozen – are releasing their very first album on Decca Records, entitled Northern Lights, set for release May 12. From a population of 170,000 in rural Trondheim, 32 women helped unearth the ethereal sounds of Norway to the world. During the first research trip to the country, Frozen's producers stopped at a shop and picked up some CDs for the journey. Driving around the country exploring the beauties of the land, the producers in turn discovered the sound of Cantus, the hidden voices of Norway, and the ‘yoik' – a traditional form of song from the Sami people of the Nordic countries. 

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