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Carr-Petrova Duo: Bio

Described as "ravishing" (Strad), "enlightened" (BBC), "explosive" (Virginia Gazette), and "irresistibly elegant" (Diario de Leon), violist Molly Carr and pianist Anna Petrova are rapidly becoming one of the foremost duo ensembles on today's musical scene. Both acclaimed international soloists, as individuals they have won top prizes in several international competitions, and have been featured in such world-renowned venues as Carnegie Hall, the Concertgebouw, and Lincoln Center. They have participated in festivals such as the Marlboro Music Festival, Ravinia, MozartFest, Music@Menlo, and the Perlman Music Program, and their performances have been broadcast on NPR, WQXR, and "Performance Today." 

Carr and Petrova began playing together during their years at the Juilliard School and the Manhattan School of Music in 2005, and have since performed together across Spain, Germany, and the US, in venues ranging from the Sendesaal Bremen in Germany to soup kitchens and food pantries in New Orleans and on the Connecticut Shoreline. Highlights of their 2017-2018 season include masterclasses and tours across the US and Spain, performing a program comprised of works by Frank Bridge, Elliot Carter, Lowell Liebermann, and Rebecca Clarke, which tell the "Cinderella story" of the viola as it stepped into the spotlight as a solo instrument for the first time in musical history. 

In August 2018, the Duo launched "Novel Voices" – a year-long initiative created to help raise awareness, through art, about the lives and struggles of refugees across the globe. The Duo - in collaboration with composer Fernando Arroyo Lascurain and film-makers Victoria Stevens and Skyler Knutzen - will visit 8 refugee-camps across America, Europe, and the Middle East, performing, workshopping, and collecting (via film) the life-stories of their refugee audience members. At the end of the project, the Duo will release a debut album for the Naxos label, titled "Novel Voices," comprised of works performed and workshopped in the camps, including an original work by Lascurain, inspired by the team's refugee camp visits. Lascurain's original work along with a preview of the documentary will be premiered at a final "Refugee Awareness" concert in Carnegie Hall in Fall 2019. 

In support of this project, and in honor of the 70th Anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights, the Duo has been invited by the United Nations to present and speak about Novel Voices while performing a series of concert programs inspired by the Ten Acts for the Global Compact on Migrants and Refugees throughout the 2018-2019 season. The duo's upcoming engagements include their debut recital at Carnegie Hall,  the release of two recording projects: their debut album "Novel Voices" and an album featuring all American composers, and international concert tours, masterclasses andresidencies in China, Europe, the US, and Israel. 

​​Novel Voices, the newest branch of the non-profit Project: Music Heals Us, is a project designed to give voice and visibility, through music and film, to the lives and struggles of both local and international refugee communities, and to encourage audiences and artists alike to become connected and involved. It brings free, interactive classical music concerts to displaced populations while increasing awareness of and raising support for both U.S.-based and international refugee-aid programs. 

During the 2018-2019 season, the Novel Voices team- comprised of the Carr-Petrova Duo (violist Molly Carr & pianist Anna Petrova), composer Fernando Arroyo Lascurain, and film-maker and photographer Victoria Stevens- will visit and perform concerts and workshops in refugee camps and support programs in the United States, Europe and the Middle East.  They will use a concert program of works written by composers who faced adversity and used their art to help find their place and voice in a foreign land.  During these visits, the team will listen to, learn from, document, and record the stories of audience members.  Mr. Lascurain will then use these conversations and encounters as the basis for an original musical composition, giving the project's refugee participants and their stories a novel musical voice.  The ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Carr-Petrova Duo will record and release an album featuring Mr. Lascurain's original composition as well as works from the concert program, and Ms. Stevens will create a film focusing on the project. To close out, the team will premiere the composition and a preview of Ms. Stevens' film in a final benefit concert at Carnegie Hall in September 2019.

The Novel Voices project will take place in six stages throughout the year:

August 2018: The Carr-Petrova Duo will record the Novel Voices album (except for Mr. Lascurain's forthcoming composition) in Valencia, Spain.  The team will then convene in Jelling, Denmark, for its first program at the Jelling Refugee Centre for unaccompanied minors.

October 2018:  In collaboration with the Conference with Non-Governmental Organizations in Consultative Relationship with the United Nations, the Novel Voices team will present its project in the United Nations in New York City in honor of the 70th Anniversary of CoNGO and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. They will perform a concert, speak about the Novel Voices project and its partnering organizations, and present a short film recorded during their program at the Jelling Refugee Center, Denmark.  Following this concert, the team will spend two days collaborating with the International Rescue Committee, Refugee Assistance Partners, and other organizations in New York and New Jersey. 

December 2018: The Novel Voices team will convene in California to partner with various California-based refugee-aid programs, performing for and learning from migrant and refugee populations in the Los Angeles area.  

March 2019: The Novel Voices team will convene in the Middle East to present their program at both the Dheisheh and Shuafat Palestinian refugee camps, partnering with the Edward Said National Conservatory of Music's refugee camp outreach program.  They will then travel to Bulgaria to the Harmanli refugee camp, working with the Caritas Bulgaria organization, focusing in aiding displaced women and children.

April 2019: The Carr-Petrova Duo will return to the studio in Valencia, Spain, to record Mr. Lascurain's composition.

October 2019: The Novel Voices team will premiere Mr. Lascurain's composition and a preview of Ms. Stevens' film in a final Refugee Awareness concert in Carnegie Hall.

In order to help raise awareness and support for those aid organizations with which the team will be partnering, the Carr-Petrova Duo will also perform the same concert program on many international concert stages throughout the season. During these public performances, they will speak about the project and share their experiences from the refugee centers and programs. Additionally, the Novel Voices team will regularly update the project's weblog with videos, news, and reflections, to document the encounters in each camp and program, allowing a global audience to virtually travel, experience, and learn along with them. Every published update will contain detailed information on both the specific aid organizations with which they will be partnering during the project, as well as ways that anyone, anywhere can become involved. 

Project: Music Heals Us and the Novel Voices team are excited and humbled by the opportunity to use art to reach out to those living on the margins of our local and global communities. We hope not only to provide the momentary solace and empowerment that music and storytelling can provide, but to create spaces in which their unique stories can be heard, connections can be made, and support can be galvanized.  ​


1 Aram Khachaturian_ _Lullaby_ from Gayaneh  
2 Mieczyslaw Weinberg_ Sonata for Clarinet and Piano Op 28  
3 II Allegretto  
4 III Adagio  
5 Rebecca Clarke_ Sonata for Viola and Piano_ I Impetuoso Poco agitato  
6 II Vivace  
7 III Adagio - Allegro  
8 Fernando Arroyo Lascurain_ Novel Voices_ I Stories and Dreams  
9 II Dance of Uncertainty  
10 III Call and Prayer  
Part 1: Feels Like Home
Part 2: 60 Seconds With Meisar
Day 3: Quick Facts - Behnam from Afghanistan
Day 4: Nightmares
Day 5: The Bongo King
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Day 7: Reality Check
Day 8: The Jelling Model
Day 9: Quick Facts: Mortiza - Danger from Afghanistan
Day 10: Where will they go?
Day 11: Novel Voices in Denmark: The Journey Continues
Day 12: The United Nations
Day 13: The Ramazanis
Day 14: Mkimbizi

The Novel Voices Refugee Aid Project, created and directed by the Carr-Petrova Duo, is a project designed to give voice and visibility, through music and film, to the lives and struggles of both local and international refugee communities, and to encourage audiences and artists alike to become connected and involved. Since August 2018, it has brought free, interactive classical music concerts and workshops to displaced populations while increasing awareness of and raising support for both U.S.-based and international refugee-aid programs.

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