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Carr-Petrova Duo

Novel Voices

Melos Records

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Part 1: Feels Like Home
Part 2: 60 Seconds With Meisar
Day 3: Quick Facts - Behnam from Afghanistan
Day 4: Nightmares
Day 5: The Bongo King
Day 6: Smiles
Day 7: Reality Check
Day 8: The Jelling Model
Day 9: Quick Facts: Mortiza - Danger from Afghanistan
Day 10: Where will they go?
Day 11: Novel Voices in Denmark: The Journey Continues
Day 12: The United Nations
Day 13: The Ramazanis
Day 14: Mkimbizi
1 Aram Khachaturian_ _Lullaby_ from Gayaneh  
2 Mieczyslaw Weinberg_ Sonata for Clarinet and Piano Op 28  
3 II Allegretto  
4 III Adagio  
5 Rebecca Clarke_ Sonata for Viola and Piano_ I Impetuoso Poco agitato  
6 II Vivace  
7 III Adagio - Allegro  
8 Fernando Arroyo Lascurain_ Novel Voices_ I Stories and Dreams  
9 II Dance of Uncertainty  
10 III Call and Prayer  
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The Novel Voices Refugee Aid Project, created and directed by the Carr-Petrova Duo, is a project designed to give voice and visibility, through music and film, to the lives and struggles of both local and international refugee communities, and to encourage audiences and artists alike to become connected and involved. Since August 2018, it has brought free, interactive classical music concerts and workshops to displaced populations while increasing awareness of and raising support for both U.S.-based and international refugee-aid programs.

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