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The Novel Voices Refugee Aid Project on WCRB's Out of the Box

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The Carr-Petrova Duo brings music to -- and tells the stories of -- refugee communities around the world, resulting in a fantastic debut album and a powerful new work for viola and piano by Mexican composer Fernando Arroyo Lascurain.

WHAT: Carr-Petrova Duo: Novel Voices - Duos for Viola & Piano by Khachaturia, Weinberg, Clarke, and Lascurain 

MUSIC LISTEN: Fernando Arroyo Lascurain's "Novel Voices"

WHY THIS ALBUM: To be honest, I was first drawn to this album because it featured so much viola music (and man, do I love the viola). But the more I learned about the Carr-Petrova Duo, their mission, and the purpose of this album they built, the more it was a no-brainer... "Novel Voices" was a must for Out-of-the-Box. 

I'm always tremendously moved by musicians who use their craft to help better other peoples' lives. And I don't just mean "helping" like "making music that's useful in getting through a break-up" (though thank goodness for that music too). I mean musicians taking action and providing meaningful aid through music. It's in helping others that the real, honest-to-goodness power of music is felt and seen.

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