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Cassandra Wilson


Blue Note

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Cassandra Wilson - Go To Mexico
The Pace Report: The Musical Roots of Lady Cassandra Wilson, The Cassandra Wilson Interview


1 Go To Mexico  
2 Closer To You  
3 Easy Rider  
4 It Would Be So Easy  
5 Red River Valley  
6 Poet  
7 I Want To Be Loved  
8 Lost  
9 Strike A Match  
10 Tarot  
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Cassandra Wilson never fails to surprise and inspire. Sexy, honey-velvet vocals wrapped around her own jazzy blue compositions or inventive interpretations of others' material led TIME magazine to name her "America's Best Singer" in recent years. On her new CD Thunderbird, Wilson has collaborated with red hot producer T Bone Burnett to surprise, yet again. The legend of the thunderbird is an ancient myth that survives today in some Native American cultures.

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