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Chad Lawson

breathe - Guided Breathwork Edition

Decca Records
Release Date: May 5, 2023

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1 intro (guided breathwork)  
2 irreplaceable  
3 the color of the sky  
4 to hold the stars in the palm of your hand  
5 fields of forever ft. Peter Gregson, Esther Yoo  
6 sama vritti (box breathing)  
7 with you  
8 for such a gaze of wonder ft. Esther Yoo  
9 this is what love is  
10 letting go ft. Peter Gregson  
11 nadi shodhana (alternate nostril breathing)  
12 the sweetest sound (solo piano)  
13 beneath the moon's embrace (solo piano)  
14 irreplaceable (solo piano)  
15 the color of the sky (solo piano)  
16 diaphragmatic (belly breathing)  
17 to hold the stars in the palm of your hand (solo piano)  
18 fields of forever (solo piano)  
19 with you (solo piano)  
20 for such a gaze of wonder (solo piano)  
21 this is what love is (solo piano)  
22 4-7-8 (drift to sleep)  
23 irreplaceable (sleep rework)  
24 the color of the sky (sleep rework)  
25 fields of forever (sleep rework)  
26 with you (sleep rework)  
27 for such a gaze of wonder (sleep rework)  
28 the sweetest sound (sleep rework)  
29 outro (guided breathwork)  
30 letting go (orchestral)  
31 Matilda  
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Pianist and Composer Chad Lawson Announces breathe (guided breathwork edition) - New Deluxe Album - Featuring Spoken Guided Breathwork Tracks and More

World-renowned pianist Chad Lawson has released breathe (guided breathwork edition), a new deluxe edition of his luminous album breathe, today via Decca Records US. Released for Mental Health Awareness Month, the album includes a series of guided breathwork tracks, with Lawson’s soothing voice guiding listeners through simple techniques. Listen to the album HERE.

As both the creator and host of the iHeartRadio Award-nominated podcast Calm It Down, Lawson has established himself as an essential voice exploring the intersection of music and wellness. Says Lawson of the album: “I created breathe (guided breathwork edition) to offer an accessible and engaging experience for listeners seeking relaxation and balance. This album combines calming breathwork techniques with the emotive power of music, providing an easy-to-follow journey towards inner peace. I'm passionate about supporting mental health, and I hope this album can provide comfort and relief during life's challenges.”

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