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Chad Lawson


Decca Records
Release Date: May 13, 2022

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1 irreplaceable 04:27  

World-renowned pianist and composer Chad Lawson invites us to find calm amidst the chaos and reflect on life’s priceless moments with his forthcoming EP irreplaceable. Recorded at the legendary Abbey Road Studios and due out May 13 via Decca Records US, the lush four-track collection showcases Lawson’s signature sound as each note brushes across a canvas of emotions. The Billboard chart-topper’s breathtaking melodies aim to settle the mind and impact the heart as he sweeps listeners away in a cathartic journey of release. “irreplaceable is about that person you could never live without, or that favorite time in your life, or that favorite memory that always brings a smile,” says Lawson. “Take a moment to appreciate those irreplaceables in your life.” The EP not only reflects on precious moments and memories, but it also solidifies Lawson’s singular role as musical mindfulness advocate and composer modernizing piano music for the streaming age.
Chad Lawson debut and lead single “irreplaceable,” is a dream-like meditation on the beauty found in often-overlooked moments. Lawson hopes we’ll close our eyes, shut out the world around us, and exhale as we reflect on what we need to let go of and what we simply cannot replace.

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