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Chandrika Tandon

Ammu's Treasures

Release Date: September 7, 2023

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Que Sera Sera
On A Cool Summer Morning
A La Claire Fontaine
Miller Of The Dee
The American Bazaar Interview
1 Children of the Stars  
2 I Will Bring You Flowers  
3 A La Claire Fountaine  
4 Kookaburra  
5 Teddy Bears Picnic  
6 Ash Grove  
7 Surangani  
8 Wish You Could Be Here  
9 Lemon Tree  
10 Polly Von  
11 You Are Old, Father William  
12 Que Sera Sera  
13 Will You Walk A Little Faster  
14 Bye Bye Blackbird  
15 Woodpecker's Song  
16 Sway  
17 Wynken, Blynken and Nod  
18 Scarborough Fair  
19 Miller of the Dee  
20 On a Cool Summer Morning  
21 Molly Malone  
22 Vive La Compagnie  
23 (How Much) Is Doggy In The Window  
24 Listen to the Pouring Rain  
25 Santa Lucia  
26 Now’s the Time for Planting Seeds  
27 Oh Dear! What Can the Matter Be  
28 Where Have All the Flowers Gone  
29 Donna Donna  
30 Edelweiss  
31 Beautiful Dreamer  
32 Au Clair de la Lune  
33 There's a Hole in my Bucket  
34 Hush Little Baby  
35 Que Sont Devenues Les Fleurs  
36 Chants - To The Light  
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From Grammy-nominated artist, Chandrika Tandon, a collection of classic songs and soothing chants. Ammu has a hug for you ... Ammu has a song for you ... Ammu’s door is always open ...Ammu is a delicious term of endearment used in many parts of India. Literally, Ammu means happiness. Ammu means sweetness. Ammu means purity. Ammu is what Chandrika's grandchildren call her. Inspired by constantly singing to her grandchildren, Chandrika’s Ammu's Treasures is a gift of intergenerational love and wisdom, with profound messages for everyday living.

A three-volume omnibus of 35 songs and 21 chants, Ammu's Treasures invites its listeners to reminisce or make new memories with traditional folk tunes and familiar popular songs and poems, which were a part of Chandrika's childhood years. These songs speak of faraway places, in different genres and languages, with varied arrangements. They are meant for quiet times, happy times, and anytime. This treasury of music also includes ancient Vedic chants set to Indian scales, aimed to soothe and relax.

Adding their incredible artistry to complex arrangements, Ammu's Treasures features many maestros, including Cyro Baptista, Martin Bejerano, Purbayan Chatterjee, Rakesh Chaurasia, Béla Fleck, Eugene Friesen, Maeve Gilchrist, Jamey Haddad, Bobby Keyes, Howard Levy, Romero Lubambo, Marcus Rojas, Dave Schroeder, Michael Ward-Bergeman, Kenny Werner, the Czech National Symphony Orchestra, Teese Gohl, Mirek Vana, John Kiehl, Scott Cannizzaro, and more. Marc Lumer and Bob Spang contributed their talents to beautiful accompanying lyric videos.

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