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Charmaine Clamor

Something Good

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Charmaine Clamor 'Flow'
Mark Winkler and Charmaine Clamor Sing 'Sweet Spot' Live!


1 Every Single Moment  
2 Doodlin' in Taglish  
3 Something Good  
4 Feelin' Stevie  
5 Motherless Ili-Ili  
6 Let's Take a Trip  
7 Flow  
8 Maalaala Mo Kaya  
9 Ikaw  
10 Sweet Spot  
11 The Farther You Go  
12 Believe in Love  
13 Breakfast with Bubba  
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From Charmaine Clamor
I believe there are two kinds of music: the Good Stuff and everything else. Good can be jazz, or world, or blues. Good can be classical, or opera, or hip-hop. Or funk or soul or even pop. The labels don't matter; the sound matters. It's true, I'm a Filipino-American. It's true, I'm a jazz singer. I do this musical blending called jazzipino, and it comes straight from my heart. But it's also true that I'm a citizen of Earth, and I'm a world-blues-funk-soul-pop vocalist who won't be, can't be, categorized. I'm me, and this is my music. You'll hear my passion for the groove, for swing, for beautiful words and inspiring sounds. You'll also discover my passion for the blessed planet we inhabit, and which we honor with our Mother Nature Suite. How strongly do I feel about taking care of our environment? The tray your CD sits in is made of potatoes. If you don't dig this album, you can bury the whole package in your compost heap. It's 100% recycleable! We like to think, however, that our music doesn't qualify for the dreaded "everything else" genre. We're delighted to share with you Something Good.

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New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Wash DC, Philadelphia, Seattle, Miami, Atlanta, Cleveland, St. Louis, Portland, Baltimore, Denver, Detroit, New Orleans, San Diego, Las Vegas, Berkeley CA, Austin, Memphis, Long Is.NY, Albuquerque
International: Canada, France, Australia, Germany, The Netherlands
Online: animaJazz, Women's Radio, The Jazz Intersection, PureJazzRadio, Ottic, UKJazzRadio, RadioIO, Pure Jazz Radio, Jazz & Blues Report

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