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Christen Lien


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Sensational Strings: Empathy & Malice | Christen Lien | TEDxBoulder
Christen Lien live at the Girl Effect Accelerator
Anthony DeCurtis Interviews Christen Lien
Christen Lien performing live at #BerkleeXR
1 Prologue  
2 Love of Fate  
3 Bitter Majesty  
4 Vanishment  
5 Fog of Fear  
6 Scintilla  
7 The Escape  
8 Horizon  
9 Externalities  
10 The Missing  
11 Family Reunion  
12 The Waltz  
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Christen Lien is an avant-garde artist who creates an innovative brand of musical storytelling. She bends the classical genre by integrating innovative technology and collaborating with artists and musicians from many mediums. Christen has performed for heads of state, diplomats, Fortune 100 executives, royalty, celebrities, and has inspired many crowds around the globe. "I wanted to create a music and storytelling project that explored the dark side of hope, an experience that investigated not only how hope aids us in times of need, but also explored how hope can hold us back, how it is used tirelessly in political propaganda and mass manipulation," said Christen Lien. "I believe our lack of exploration around the dark side of hope is a blind spot for our society, and the vehicle for this exploration is the music, poetry and story of ELPIS."

13 NEW  42 TOTAL
Markets include: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Detroit, Albuquerque, Berkeley CA, Baton Rouge, Saint Augustine FL, Urbana IL, Montclair NJ, Worcester MA, Stroudsberg PA, Denton TX
INTER: Canada, Spain, Slovakia, Australia
Online:, Passion Musique et Culture, GURU

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