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Christina Pluhar | L'Arpeggiata

Handel Goes Wild

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Christina Pluhar und der neue Orpheus - BR-KLASSIK
Chants traditionnels par l'Arpeggiata & Christina Pluhar
Pizzica di San Vito / Chants traditionnels par l'Arpeggiata & Christina Pluhar
1 Handel - Sinfonia From Alcina, act 3  
2 Handel - Venti turbine Aria di Rinaldo, from Rinaldo  
3 Handel - O sleep, why thost thou leave me Aria di Semele, from Semele  
4 Vivaldi - Concerto in g-minor (RV 157)  
5 Handel - Wherever you walk Aria di Semele, from Semele  
6 Handel - Cara sposa Aria di Rinaldo from Rinaldo  
7 Handel - Sinfonia Arrival of the Queen of Sheba, from Solomon  
8 Handel - Pena tiranna Aria di Dardano, from Amadigi di Gaula  
9 Handel - Piangero la sorte mia Aria di Cleopatra, from Giulio Cesare  
10 Handel - Improvisation Canario  
11 Handel - Verdi prati Aria di Ruggiero, from Alcina  
12 Handel - Tu del ciel ministro eletto Aria di Belezza, from Il trionfo del Tempo e della Verita  
13 Handel - Mi lusinga il dolce affetto Aria di Ruggiero, from Alcina  
14 Handel - Lascio ch'io pianga Aria di Almirena, from Rinaldo  
15 Handel - Ombra mai fu Aria di Serse, from Serse  
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George Frideric Handel now joins Purcell, Monteverdi and Cavalli on the list of composers who have inspired an album by Christina Pluhar and her ensemble L'Arpeggiata. Händel Goes Wild brings them together with soprano Nuria Rial, countertenor Valer Sabadus and jazz clarinettist Gianluigi Trovesi to explore and reimagine the cosmopolitan composer's music in their own inimitable and intoxicating style. L'Arpeggiata's aesthetic was summed up by the New York Times in 2012: "The group uses modern pop vocal inflections and improvisational techniques from jazz in its performances of antique pieces … Its audacious hybrids are driven principally by a fascination with reviving the Baroque art of ornamental extemporization and a curiosity about how contemporary improvisatory styles might be enlisted in that quest."

 Classical 24, TRH, CBC
Markets include: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh, Nashville, Albuquerque, Madison WI, Santa Fe, Hartford, Reno, OR(Statewide), WV(Statewide), Barcelona, Berlin
INTER: Canada, Spain, Germany
Online: AP-Reviews,, Jazz from Gallery 41,  Jazz Weekly,, CBFwebRADIO, The Paul Leslie Hour, Passion Musique et Culture, Jazz Podium, Mundofonias, GURU, CBFWeb, GreenArrow

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