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Craig Swanson discusses 'The French Suite Kit' with Toledo's FM91

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Interview with WGTE's Brad Cresswell

Pianist/composer Craig Swanson joins us to talk about his fascinating project The French Suite Kit, which presents the music of Bach in a unique fashion – "played on the piano with variety enough to suit every taste." Swanson's version of Bach's so-called "French" suite includes several different interpretations of each movement, handing control over to the listener to assemble their own "definitive" version of the work. Commenting about the project, Swanson noted; I have dreamed about The French Suite Kit ever since I first heard Glenn Gould talk about the possibility of a "New Listener" who would take some measure of control over their participation in the listening process. As Geoffrey Payzant in his book, Glenn Gould: Music and Mind, stated 40 years ago (1978): The technological developments predicted by Gould in the mid-1960s have for the most part materialized as he said they would, but the advertisements in the audio press do not suggest that there is a consumer market for them. Nobody is advertising "kits."

FM91:WGTE: Toledo Ohio classical host, Brad Cresswell discussed the project with Swanson for a 'Classical Conversations.' LISTEN