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Cymin Samawatie - Ketan Bhatti

Trickster Orchestra


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1 Shir hamaalot  
2 Hast Hussle II 2  
3 Hafen vor Tounsibuurg  
4 Tounsibuurg  
5 Gebate  
6 Modara  
7 Kords Kontinuum  
8 Keske  
9 Por se ssedaa  
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Singer Cymin Samawatie and percussionist Ketan Bhatti from the Berlin-based group Cyminology apply their poetic musical language on a larger scale with the Trickster Orchestra. Under Cymin's and Ketan's artistic direction, the orchestra interprets their characteristic blend of trans-traditional contemporary music. Cymin draws inspiration from ancient to modern verses spanning psalms to texts by Sufi poets Rumi and Hafiz, performing not only in Farsi but also in Hebrew, Turkish, and Arabic. With growing instrumentation comes an expansion of dynamics, textures, and colours. 

The Trickster Orchestra represents Cymin Samawatie's and Ketan Bhatti's first shared collaboration outside of Cyminology, their Berlin-based group, whose three ECM recordings (As Ney, Saburi and Phoenix) each respectively gained praise for their cross-cultural approach. This program sees Cymin and Ketan expanding their musical reach with the Trickster Orchestra. "When working with this orchestra," says Cymin, "Ketan and I step outside of our musical comfort zone and reinvent ourselves – try out new paths that we still have to discover."

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