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For Seasons

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Daniel Hope - For Seasons (Trailer) Deutsche Grammophon
Daniel Hope - For Seasons - Four Seasons (Interview)

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1 Concerto In E Maj.  
2 Concerto In E Maj.  
3 Concerto In E Maj.  
4 Concerto In G Min.  
5 Concerto In G Min.  
6 Concerto In G Min.  
7 Concerto In F Maj.  
8 Concerto In F Maj.  
9 Concerto In F Maj.  
10 Concerto In F Min.  
11 Concerto In F Min.  
12 Concerto In F Min.  
13 Ambre  
14 Danse Des Sauvages  
15 Spring 1  
16 Avril 14th  
17 Amazing Grace  
18 June  
19 Am Leuchtenden Sommermorgen  
20 Les Doutes D'aout  
21 September Song  
22 Aria II/ Lento E Sempre Piano  
23 Aria  
24 Wintermezzo  
25 Guten Abend, Gut Nacht  
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Concerned with nature's eternal cycle of decline and renewal, Daniel Hope's latest album for Deutsche Grammophon explores the creative relationship between music, art and the ever-changing calendar. For Seasons includes the violinist's first recording of Vivaldi's evergreen collection of seasonal concertos together with a dozen companion works associated with the months of the year. His choice of repertoire reveals the imaginative scope unlocked when composers turn for inspiration to the seasons and evokes our strength of attachment to the landmarks of passing time. Vivaldi's The Four Seasons leads the way in a program that spans everything from venerable compositions by Jean-Philippe Rameau, Johann Melchior Molter and Johann Sebastian Bach to recent works by Aphex Twin, Nils Frahm, Chilly Gonzales and Max Richter.

24 NEW  104 TOTAL
Classical 24, WFMT/Beethoven, CBC
Direct: SiriusXM, MOOD, AccuRadio 
Markets include: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, Wash DC, Cleveland, Portland, Dallas, Seattle, Houston, Detroit, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Austin, Cincinnati, Denver, New Orleans, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Orlando, Louisville, Memphis, Albuquerque, Columbus OH, Santa Fe, Hartford CT,NE(Network), AL(Network), IN(Network), WV(Network), SC(Network), KS(Network), Barcelona
INTER: Canada, UK, Spain, Romania
Online: Musicas Imaginadas, Beyondcriticism.com, Green Arrow Radio, Violinist.com, Troonradio.com, Passion Musique et Culture 

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