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Lullabies for adults by Dave Brubeck / Het Parool

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Too white, too rational, too square. Jazz pianist Dave Brubeck, who died in 2012 one day before his 92nd birthday, has been the target of much criticism in his long career. But he did make the best-known jazz song of all time with Take Five ; the introduction to the genre for entire tribes. And he was a very inventive pianist, always surrounded by top musicians.

Sleep-inducing, has Brubeck's music ever been called that? In case of his already recorded in 2010 and recently released album Lullabies , he would have taken that as a compliment.

The album starts and ends with Guten Abend, gut 'Nacht by Johannes Brahms (that little melody that always sounds from music boxes in cribs). In between, more jazzed lullabies and 'sleep classics', but also five pieces by his own hand, including Going to Sleep, which he wrote for a grandson. When the boy was staying with Grandpa, he slept next to the studio and always asked Brubeck to continue playing until he was under sail.

Brubeck stays close to the melody in Summertime , Over the Rainbow and When It's Sleepy Time down South and avoids deviant time signatures. Sleep-inducing? Perhaps for the little ones. The sweet and modest, almost meditative sounds just make adults calm and relaxed. Also worth something.

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