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Take some Time Out to celebrate 100 years of Dave Brubeck with 90.1WRTI

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It was 1959-a pivotal year for jazz as a whole, but for Dave Brubeck it was utterly life changing. After years of college tours he had a smash hit album, Time Out, with his quartet and has been a household name ever since. Join us starting on Monday, November 30th for a week-long celebration of the centennial anniversary of the birth of Dave Brubeck. We'll have special programming leading up to his birthday on Sunday, December 6th.

During jazz hours, we'll bring you the music of Brubeck through the years, including collaborations and live recordings. You'll also hear selections from our Jazz Album of the Week, which is a never-before released set of music from the Time Out sessions, called Time Out Takes. Our hosts will also present different interpretations of the music of Brubeck and his quartet.

Our Classical Album of the Week, Sharon Isbin's Affinity, connects with Brubeck as well. The title track is a guitar concerto composed by Chris Brubeck. It has a slow movement that orchestrates his father's song "Autumn." Sharon says this tribute to Dave Brubeck, "forms the heart and soul of the piece, surrounded by all of these wonderful virtuosic Middle Eastern and jazz, and waltz-like elements…" You will hear selections from Affinity during classical shifts throughout the week.

You'll also get to see and hear from members of our jazz department with their favorite Dave Bruebeck tunes and why they love them so much.   GETTY IMAGES/METRONOME