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Dave Frishberg

At The Jazz Bakery: Retromania


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Dave Frishberg - Can't Take You Nowhere
Dave Frishberg talks to Oregon Music News
Dave Frishberg at Nighttown
1 Can't Take You Nowhere  
2 Useless Waltz  
3 Zoot Walks In  
4 Who Do You Think You Are, Jack Dempsey?  
5 Walkin On Wall Street  
6 My Attorney Bernie  
7 Van Lingle Mungo  
8 Dodger Blue  
9 The Dear Departed Past  
10 The Catbird Seat  
11 Play Ball  
12 Matty  
13 The Wife and The Kid  
14 You'd Rather Have the Blues  
15 Eloise  
16 Gotta Get Me Some ZZZ  
17 Listen Here  
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Dave Frishberg, Retromania, at the Jazz Bakery is a timely release for you and your listeners with the start of the 2009 Baseball season. Included in the live set are favorites such as Van Lingle Mungo, Frishberg's first and best known baseball song, and Dodger Blue, as well as Play Ball and Matty, which is about the great pitcher Christy Mathewson, who was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame as one of its first five inaugural members. Additional material includes a generous helping of music from a baseball-themed musical Frishberg wrote called The Catbird Seat, plus a handful of his perennial requests, including My Attorney Bernie and Can't Take You Nowhere. As this is a live recording, Frishberg imparts spoken intros for the songs that I think you'll find very interesting.

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