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David Chesky

The New York Rags

Chesky Records

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David Chesky - Rag No. 16 'Penn Station'
David Chesky Rag No. 14 'Kids You're Late For School' - Music Video by Patricia Dinely
David Chesky, HDTracks, interview - CES 2015
Chesky Records Introduction Trailer
1 Chesky: Rag #1 'The New Yorker'
2 Chesky: Rag #2 'The Bernstein'
3 Chesky: Rag #3 'The Duke'
4 Chesky: Rag #4 'Times Square'
5 Chesky: Rag #5 'Fourth Street'
6 Chesky: Rag #6 'Third Avenue'
7 Chesky: Rag #7 'Broadway Boogie Woogie'
8 Chesky: Rag #8 'Fifth Avenue'
9 Chesky: Rag #9 'Grand Central Morning'
10 Chesky: Rag #10 'Seventh Avenue'
11 Chesky: Rag #11 'The Circle at Fifth'
12 Chesky: Rag #12 'The Park Avenue Rag'
13 Chesky: Rag #13 'The Thanksgiving Day Parade Rag'
14 Chesky: Rag #14 'Kids You're Late for School Rag'
15 Chesky: Rag #15 'The Manhattan Blues Var. Rag'
16 Chesky: Rag #16 'Penn Station'
17 Chesky: Rag #17 'The J Walker Rag'
18 Chesky: Rag #18 'The Coney Island Rag'
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"New York Rags FULL of riches."
WBGO Radio  

"This is certainly among the finest piano recordings ever made..."This music and recording deserve the highest of high fidelity and that's just what the 192/24 download delivers." 
The Absolute Sound

"combines classical, jazz, and Chesky's quirky personality in a series of short vignettes that are quintessentially New York." Stereophile Magazine

Artistic virtuosity and entrepreneurial vision rarely reside within the same person, but David Chesky has long ventured seamlessly between those two worlds. As a composer, musician and recording artist, three-time Grammy nominee Chesky bridges classical music, jazz and other genres, crafting a unique hybrid that he calls "Urban Orchestral" music.

21 New 'ON'   147 Total
SYND: CBC Music, Paul Leslie Hour
Direct: SiriusXM/Pops
Markets include: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Miami, Cleveland, Minneapolis, Baltimore, Houston, Portland, Denver, New Orleans, Kansas City, Detroit, Albuquerque, Madison WI, Hartford CT, Rochester NY, Canada
Online: Taintradio, RadioIO,, Live 365, The Jazzy Vegetarian, The Jazz Intersection, Paul Leslie Hour, Greenarrow

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