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Derek Jones

Sun Down Moon Up

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And Rest - Derek Jones
1 I Heard A Voice  
2 Stillness  
3 Bells  
4 My Beloved  
5 Six Winged Serap  
6 And Rest  
7 Shining Moon  
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Sun Down Moon Up by Derek Jones is a stunning collection of mystical flute improvisations designed for deep relaxation. Linked by an underlying drone treated in different ways, a deep inner sonority is created within each piece as an ostinato of interweaving melodic lines that incorporate modern flute, Chinese flute, sitar, temple bell, high cymbal, gong, and synthesiser.

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Ultima Thule
Direct: Music Choice/Soundscapes
Markets include: New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Denver, Baltimore, Kansas City, Pittsburgh, Berkeley CA, Orlando
International: Canada, Romania, Australia
Online: Taintadio, Coolstreams, RadioNuages, WGOE

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