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Don Rosler

Rosler's Recording Booth

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'Where Do I Come In' (from the CD 'Rosler's Recording Booth')
'Halfway Honest Living' (performed by Jeremy Sisto)
Doris From Rego Park (Old Version) from 'Rosler's Recording Booth' CD
1 Recording Booth  
2 You Won't Believe (feat. Spottiswoode)  
3 But a Dream (feat. Tam Lin)  
4 Give It a Whirl (feat. Terry Radigan)  
5 Halfway Honest Living  
6 We'll Have 'em All Over  
7 Hard Goodbye (feat. John Margolis)  
8 Where Do I Come In? (feat. Spottiswoode)  
9 Baby Footprints (feat. Terry Radigan)  
10 Pretty As Ever (feat. Jon Albrink)  
11 Practicing (feat. Carmen Keating & Isabel Keating)  
12 No Sleeping (feat. Terry Radigan)  
13 Doris from Rego Park  
14 First I Draw the Sun (feat. Tamara Hey)  
15 Where I've Been, What I've Done  
16 Take It Slow / "Tunnel of Sound" Chorale  
17 I Will Not Sing A Song (End Segue)  
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Rosler's Recording Booth, a unique concept CD, written and produced by critically acclaimed songwriter Don Rosler, garnered national attention weeks before its official release date, thanks to the single "Doris from Rego Park" generating buzz on WNYC, WFAN and in Ken Plutnicki's article, "Doris From Rego Park Lives On In Song" in The New York Times. "Doris From Rego Park," performed by Don Rosler, is one of sixteen contemporary songs on Rosler's Recording Booth, featuring ten fantastical artists: Spottiswoode, Jeremy Sisto, Isabel Keating, Terry Radigan, John Margolis, Kathena Bryant (of The Hippy Nuts), Tam Lin, Jon Albrink, Tamara Hey and Don Rosler.

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Direct: SiriusXM / High Standards
Markets include: New York, Boston, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Houston, Cincinnatti, Chattanooga, Virgin Islands, Canada
Online: BBS, Muruch, Folk Image, WGOE, Humboldt 101
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