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Electric Youth, Pilotpriest

Come True

Milan Records - Sony Masterworks

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Official Trailer | HD | IFC Midnight
1 Modern Fears  
2 Runaway  
3 Coelocanth  
4 Come True  
5 Prologue  
6 The Seeker  
7 Don't Know Her  
8 Title  
9 Rested  
10 Lost Girl  
11 Hall of Glass  
12 Watching  
13 Nothing  
14 Sarah  
15 Forgiven  
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Milan Records today releases COME TRUE (ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK), an album of music from IFC Midnight's latest sci-fi thriller by ELECTRIC YOUTH and PILOTPRIEST.  Available everywhere now, the album includes a mix of original music by Electric Youth as well as additional score music composed in partnership with Come True director Anthony Scott Burns under his music-making alias Pilotpriest.  Come True premieres in theatres and on demand today from IFC Midnight.  

The soundtrack was originally introduced last month with lead single "Modern Fears," an original track by Electric Youth which features as one of the film's most resonating music moments and showcases the composing duo's signature blend of melodic strings and synthesized vocals– listen here.  For the larger musical universe of Come True, Electric Youth and Pilotpriest have crafted a score of moving live strings, ethereal synthesizers and emotive vocals, with the 15-track collection also including Electric Youth's original title song "Come True" as well as new versions of previously recorded songs re-worked for several of the film's pivotal scenes.  In addition to the soundtrack's digital release, the album will be made available in vinyl format exclusively via Waxwork Records this May – preorder here. 

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