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Elina Duni, Rob Luft, Fred Thomas, Matthieu Michel

A Time To Remember

Release Date: June 16, 2023

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1 Evasion  
2 Hape Derën  
3 A Time To Remember  
4 Whispers Of Water  
5 E Vogel  
6 Dawn  
7 First Song  
8 Mora Testinë  
9 Send In The Clowns  
10 Mallëngjimi  
11 Sunderland  
12 I'll Be Seeing You  
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Duni’s voice is remarkable, for while it is crystal clear in its multilingual enunciation it is also intimate and expressive in tone. […] Whatever the song, she approaches it with a tentative and in place haunting delivery, fully expressing the longing described in many of the songs… Simon Adams, Jazz Journal

A Time To Remember is a continuation of the special synergy that inhabited Elina Duni’s acclaimed Lost Ships and finds her regrouping with that album’s quartet of guitarist Rob Luft, Matthieu Michel on flugelhorn and Fred Thomas on percussion and piano. Over the course of the past years, the group’s rapport has grown more familiar, leading to greater interplay and a collaborative spirit.

Elina: “I think this album is a reflection of our shared passion for musical storytelling, going beyond genre and language. After several years on the road touring together, the slightly unconventional lineup now sits comfortably, and inhabits its own, singular world of sound. It feels like the most cinematic album I’ve made to date, too, with every song suggesting a different film. It draws inspiration from our diverse, multi-lingual repertoire of traditional folksong.”

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