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Elizabeth Joy Roe

John Field: Complete Nocturnes

Decca Records

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Anderson & Roe - THE RITE OF SPRING (4 of 10) - Rivals/Procession
1 John Field - Nocturne No.1 in E flat Major  
2 John Field - Nocturne No.2 in C Minor  
3 John Field - Nocturne No.3 in A flat Major  
4 John Field - Nocturne No.4 in A major  
5 John Field - Nocturne No.5 in B flat Major  
6 John Field - Nocturne No.6 in F Major Cradle-Song  
7 John Field - Nocturne No.7 in Major  
8 John Field - Nocturne No.8 in E flat Major  
9 John Field - Nocturne No.9 in E Minor  
10 John Field - Nocturne No.10 in E Major Nocturne Pastorale  
11 John Field - Nocturne No.11 in E flat Major  
12 John Field - Nocturne No.12 in E Major Nocturne Caracteristique: Noontide  
13 John Field - Nocturne No.13 in C Major Reverie-Nocturne  
14 John Field - Nocturne No.14 in G Major  
15 John Field - Nocturne No.15 in D Minor Song without Words  
16 John Field - Nocturne No.16 in C Major  
17 John Field - Nocturne No.17 in C Major  
18 John Field - Nocturne No. 18 in F Major  
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Following her critically acclaimed coupling of the Britten & Barber Piano Concertos with the London Symphony Orchestra, Elizabeth Joy Roe enlightens the extraordinary world of John Field. John Field has been called the ‘Father of the Nocturne', creating the form which Chopin perfected, but thus relegated to a footnote in musical history. In fact, he was held in high regard by his contemporaries: a student of Clementi, he knew Haydn, Hummel, Czerny and Mendelssohn, was championed by Liszt and an acknowledged influence on Chopin, Brahms and Schumann. Roe brings all 18 Nocturnes together for the first time on a single album.

36 Total  45 Total
Classical 24, CBC
Direct: SiriusXM, Music Choice
Markets include: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, Dallas, Atlanta, Houston, St. Louis, Seattle, Cleveland, Minneapolis, Cincinnati, Portland, Detroit, Baltimore, Denver, Austin, Pittsburgh, New Orleans, SC-State, Buffalo, Louisville, Columbus OH, Honolulu, Canada
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