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Ensemble Caprice

Salsa Baroque


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Salsa Baroque: Ensemble Caprice's Spicy New Album
Xacara / Ensemble Caprice
Ensemble Caprice - Mozart - 3 concertos, une vie
1 Anon: Collection Flores de musica / Chacona  
2 Hanacpachap cussicuinin  
3 Anon: Collection Flores de musica / Differenzias  
4 Gaspar: Tleycantimo choquiliya  
5 Anon: Collection Flores de musica / Xacara  
6 Araujo: Los coflades de la estleya  
7 Anon: Collection Flores de musica / Pasacalles  
8 Bailly: Yo soy la locura  
9 Zipoli: Pastorale / Allegro  
10 Zipoli: Pastorale / Piva  
11 Zipoli: Pastorale / Pastorale  
12 Collection Truxillo del Peru II: Lanchas para bayl  
13 Zipoli: Battalia imperiale / Battalia imperiale  
14 Zipoli: Battalia imperiale / Battalia dolorosa  
15 Zipoli: Battalia imperiale / Battalia furiosa  
16 de Salazar: Tarara tarara qui yo soy Antoniyo  
17 Anon: Collection Flores de musica / Temblante  
18 Fernandes: Xicochi Conetzintle  
19 de Murcia: Marizapalos  
20 de Murcia: La Jotta  
21 Anon: Collection Flores de musica / Discurso  
22 de Zespedes: Convidando esta la noche  
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Ensemble Caprice is proud to present: Salsa Baroque. One can describe baroque music of Latin America as a fusion of harmonies and rhythms of Europe and Africa blended with Amerindian nuances and styles. This unique fusion dates back to the 16th century and gave rise to a complex and fascinating multitude of musical forms resulting in a great variety of instrumentations, structures, and rhythmic and melodic phrasing. Salsa is the Spanish word for sauce, designating at the same time a dance as well as a family of musical genres in Latin-American music. It is this latter meaning and its ancient roots that, together with a bit of humour, we have taken to give the title Salsa baroque to our project. Despite the human and political tragedies surrounding the colonization of the South-American continent, the multipolar musical culture that resulted is distinguished by its fiery spirit and passion: here is music with a unique character that enriches the repertoire of the 17th century with refreshing novelties.

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