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Eric Whitacre - VOCES8


Decca Classics
Release Date: April 17, 2023`

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Interview w/ WGTE
Eric Whitacre - All Seems Beautiful to Me
Eric Whitacre: Sing Gently
1 Go, Lovely Rose  
2 The Seal Lullaby  
3 Sing Gently  
4 All Seems Beautiful To Me (world premiere)  
5 The Sacred Veil i. The Veil Opens  
6 The Sacred Veil ii. In a Dark and Distant year  
7 The Sacred Veil iii. Home  
8 The Sacred Veil iv. Magnetic Poetry  
9 The Sacred Veil v. Wherever There is Birth  
10 The Sacred Veil vi. I’m Afraid  
11 The Sacred Veil vii. I am Here  
12 The Sacred Veil VIII. Delicious Times  
13 The Sacred Veil IX. One Last Breath  
14 The Sacred Veil X. Dear Friends  
15 The Sacred Veil XI. You Rise, I Fall  
16 The Sacred Veil XII. Child of Wonder  
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Two branches of choral royalty entwine with majestic harmony on the latest Decca release from Grammy-winning composer Eric Whitacre and the acclaimed vocal ensemble VOCES8. The album includes a world premiere, All Seems Beautiful To Me, and a new recording of Whitacre’s deeply moving 2019 cantata The Sacred Veil.

The five-minute work All Seems Beautiful To Me, released on Friday 10th February, is based on a poem by Walt Whitman (from Song of the Open Road) celebrating the human spirit’s capacity for generosity and growth. It was commissioned by the United States Air Force Band and here receives its world premiere recording. Also included is a new recording of one of Whitacre’s most frequently performed and much loved pieces, The Seal Lullaby. Written to accompany an animated film (ultimately never made) based on Kipling’s tale The White Seal, the ravishing work sets the words of a mother seal tenderly singing her pup to sleep (Whitacre amusingly confesses that he sang it to his own baby son ‘with a less than 50% success rate’).

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