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Federico Albanese

The Moments We Keep w/Tara Nome Doyle

Mercury KX

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Summerside (feat. Marika Hackman)
1 Too Lost To Be Found  
2 Morning Light  
3 Waiting (To The Riverside)  
4 The Moments We Keep  
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Mercury KX are excited to present ‘Too Lost To Be Found' the first track from a collaborative EP between Berlin based Irish/Norwegian singer-songwriter Tara Nome Doyle, and Italian composer and pianist Federico Albanese.  The forthcoming EP's title ‘The Moments We Keep', is a reference to Virginia Woolf's concept of time, and her interest in fleeting moments and the perception of them being relative.  Lyrically, the tracks all orbit around moments that might have seemed ordinary at the time, but which stick with us, reflecting upon the intangible qualities of time.  As Tara explains in relation to ‘Too Lost To Be Found', "(It) is a track about the strange sensation of being overwhelmed with a situation and realising that you've been at the exact same point before, experiencing the same problems and finding the same solutions.  We recognise that there is this mental amnesia that creeps in while we're not looking, luring us back into old patterns, because there is a peculiar comfort in going back to what we know, even when we know it hurts."

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