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Gabriel Olafs

Lullabies for Piano and Cello

Decca Records
Release Date: June 9, 2023

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Mamma (Visualizer)
Bambaló (Live At Eldborg Hall, Reykjavik / 2023)
Performance (Live on KEXP)
1 Fantasi´a  
2 Sa´lmur  
3 Noktu´rna  
4 Eldur  
5 Visa  
6 Mamma  
7 Barnkind  
8 Frost  
9 Bambalo´  
10 Draumheimar  
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Lullabies soundtrack the most formative season of our development. For centuries, parents have hummed them to children as either a salve to ease stress, a natural aid to trigger sleep, or a simple reminder that all will be well in the world once morning comes. Imprinted upon our memories and carried within our hearts for lifetimes, we pass them from one generation to the next. Icelandic composer and artist Gabríel Ólafs continues this tradition on his 2023 album, Lullabies for Piano and Cello [Decca Records US]. After generating over 100 million streams for his original instrumental compositions and earning widespread international acclaim, he summons the spirit of timeless Icelandic lullabies with a twist of his own magic.

“Lullabies encapsulate both history and nostalgia,” he explains. “When I’m writing music, nostalgia is my favorite feeling to capture. It’s a complex emotion, because it evokes both sadness and happiness at the same time. I also like to keep things simple—and lullabies certainly are. They’re based on melody first, which is always big for me.”

Gabríel’s uncanny melodic sensibility has elevated him to the forefront of contemporary classical music. Following years of writing and performing, he gained international renown with Absent Minded in 2019 followed by Piano Works a year later, hailed by PopMatters as “a testament to the power of melody and mood. 2022’s Solon Islandus marked his debut for Decca Records US,  Atwood Magazine described standout track “The Drifter” as “beautifully tender and achingly visceral.

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