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Gabriela Montero

Piano Recital & Improvisations

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Gabriela Montero improvises a tango
Gabriela Montero, "ExPatria". A mini-documentary
1 Rachmaninov: Moment Musicaux  
2 Rachmaninov: Prelude in G maj Op.32  
3 Rachmaninov: Etude Tableau  
4 Scriabin: Prelude Op.17 No.3  
5 Scriabin: Prelude Op.16 No.4  
6 Scriabin: Prelude Op.13 No.3  
7 Scriabin: Etude Op.42 No.5  
8 de Falla: 1st Spanish Dance: La Vida Breve  
9 Granados y Campina: Quejas  
10 Ginastera: Danza del viejo boyero  
11 Ginastera: Danza de la moza donosa  
12 Ginastera: Danza del gaucho matrero  
13 Chopin: Nocturne Db maj Op.27  
14 Chopin: Fantasie-Impromptu in C# min  
15 Liszt: Mephisto Waltz No.1  
16 Improv. Rachmaninov Vocalise  
17 Improv. Bach/Goldberg Var  
18 Improv. Chopin Nocturne in D flat  
19 Improv. Chopin Nocturne in D flat  
20 Improv. in the style of Scriabin  
21 Improv. on Duermete mi nino (trad)  
22 Improv. in the style of a Tango  
23 Improv. Granados Quejas o la maya el ruisenor  
24 Improv. in the style of Bach  
25 Improv. Chopin Prelude in A  
26 Improvisation  
27 Improvisation  
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Pianist Gabriela Montero offers a unique album of romantic piano works with a bonus CD of improvisations. Ms. Montero is a versatile talent that must be heard. This two CD set contains classical repertoire and improvisations that demonstrate Montero's unique ability, in both classical & jazz.

2 New "ON" this week: 62 "Total Stations"
Syndicated includes:
All Things Considered, SymphonyCast
Direct: DMX Chamber Music, DMX Health Care
Markets include: Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, Seattle, Minneapolis, Cleveland, Portland, St. Louis, New Orleans, Buffalo, Salt Lake City, Madison WI, Columbus OH

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