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Giovanna Fletcher

Happy Mum, Happy Baby, The Sleep Album

Decca Records
Release Date: September 1, 2023

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1 Baby & You 1  
2 Baby & You 2  
3 Baby & You 3  
4 Baby & You 4  
5 Baby & You 5  
6 Baby & You 6  
7 Baby & You 7  
8 Baby & You 8  
9 Baby & You 9  
10 Baby Sleep  
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Best-selling author, podcast extraordinaire and actor, Giovanna Fletcher, today announces the release of a brand-new album, Happy Mum, Happy Baby: The Sleep Album in partnership with Decca Records and Lifescore. Set for release on Friday 1st September, the record provides trustworthy and educational music for baby, toddler and parent.
Giovanna is on a mission to keep mums and parents happy, and that starts with sleep. Happy Mum, Happy Baby: The Sleep Album is a record of curated music and sounds designed to aid sleep alongside the bedtime routine. The album is separated into three sections of around 30 minutes each, distinguishing the three key parts of baby sleep, Wind Down, Going to Sleep and During Sleep, running seamlessly from top to bottom for the ultimate baby sleep experience.

Giovanna explains: “Music has always been a massive part of my life. It’s helped me cope through various highs and lows. Now actually becoming a mum, it’s become even more important. I can't tell you how many times with a newborn we have relied on music and sounds. I want this to be a gear changer when you walk up the stairs, like a comforting pattern. So much love and thought has been poured into these tracks, and I hope that you love listening to them when you are with your little one.” 
Wind Down comprises of calming music, encouraging a special bonding time between parent and baby, embracing lullaby-inspired melodies that can be hummed by parents to capture the bonding power of their voices. Going to Sleep develops ebbing and flowing, softly mimicking a baby’s breathing, using varied instrumentation and natural sounds including rainfall, wind, birdsong and more, whilst incorporating the lullaby motifs from Wind Down, encouraging the baby to nod off at their own pace and in a relaxed state of mind. This gradually flows into During Sleep, the final section, which comprises of natural field recordings to create an environmental white noise. Each section uses real instruments, recorded at Abbey Road studios, and real nature sounds captured especially for this album. Nothing processed, all organic!

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