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Gustavo Santaolalla's 'The Last of Us Part II' makes 'GamingBolt: Best Video Game Soundtracks of 2020'

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GamingBolt's Shubhankar Parijat looks back at the musical highlights of 2020.

Parijat writes ......Great music can make a game, just as bad music can break it, and this year, thankfully, we had plenty of examples of the former. From soulful soundtracks to set the mood to headbanging tunes to go along with high-octane action, there was a good variety of excellent music in games this year, and here, we're going to recognize that, as we talk about some of the games with the best soundtracks of the year, before crowning one of them as the winner.

Parijat picks the 'THE LAST OF US PART 2' by Gustavo Santaolalla

Parijat continues.....Given how expertly Gustavo Santaolalla composed an iconic soundtrack for the first The Last of Us, it's not surprising that he managed to do just the same for its sequel. Bringing with it the very unique musical style that defined the first game's music, The Last of Us Part 2's OST, like the game itself, swerves and changes constantly, hitting all the right notes as the story veers from one unpredictable and tense moment to the next. 

The Last of Us Part 2, like its predecessor, is a story that constantly works on many levels, from the state of humanity in a grim, post-apocalyptic world, to the captivating struggles that its main characters are constantly having to put up with and get through. Composing a soundtrack that can do justice to a story like that is not an easy task, but composer Gustavo Santaolalla is more than capable of doing just that, as he has proven before as well. Appropriately enough for a game with impactful storytelling and constantly engaging gameplay, The Last of Us Part 2's soundtrack is the best we've heard this year, and one of the best we've heard in games throughout the course of this generation.