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Handful Of Luvin

Life In Between

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Handful of Luvin' Take 2 - Seattle Weekly's Music on the Ferry
Pilgrimage (into Chaos) Alan Watts & Handful of Luvin'
Handful of Luvin' - Bumbershoot Interview


Born Lucky
1 Born Lucky  
2 Breadcrumbs  
3 Kickdrum  
4 Washington  
5 This Man  
6 The Pilgrimage  
7 There's No Right, There's No Wrong  
8 Lazy Men  
9 Treaty  
10 Glass Ceiling  
11 Bomb Bomb  
12 Harry Met Rona  
13 Fingers  
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At first, it's easy to mistake Handful of Luvin' for just another set of ex-college jam band rockers in the Dave Matthew's Band tradition, but a second look reveals a quirkier and more rewarding aesthetic. A rock quartet featuring a rocking classically trained violinist, Handful refers to their music as "fiddle driven roots rock." Their cheerful blend of folk-rock, reggae and world rhythms, plus secondhand baroque and Celtic influences with catchy pop hooks, strongly recalls the vintage sound of Actual Tigers, the madness of Flogging Molly, and the moodier, more experimental side of Wilco. Their new release: Life In Between is the combination and culmination of all these influences.

6 New ON this week: 73 Total
Markets include: New York, San Francisco, Cleveland, Austin, Houston, Baltimore, Milwaukee Memphis, Albuquerque, Berkeley & Sacramento CA, Madison WI, Canada
Online: GURU, Taintradio, WGOE

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