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You'll be humming and swaying in your seat on 'CLASSIC HAUSER' / CLASSICAL POST

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From a young age, HAUSER had a strong admiration for classical music and remarkable potential. Learning to play the cello at the age of 8, he continued his exploration of the instrument and music through college. Upon graduation, HAUSER joined fellow cellist, Luka Šulić, to create 2CELLOS and ultimately take on worldwide fame. 

HAUSER has been awarded some of the most prestigious national and international prizes. He has traveled the world for impressive performances, including for Prince Charles at Buckingham and St. James's Palaces, and alongside Sir Elton John on his global tour. He has released five successful albums, and sold out arenas around the world. 

The 33-year-old has gained over 1 million followers on Instagram, with content surrounding his talent, accomplishments, and let's not overlook, his rugged good looks. As the perfect combination of classic and modern, HAUSER continues to take on the world of classical music. 

According to HAUSER himself, his new album, Classic, is all about beauty and romance, portrayed through timeless classical melodies and "the most beautiful and romantic instrument of all." To give you a greater feel for the classic quality of the album, the top track happens to be "Swan Lake," one of the most iconic pieces from Tchaikovsky. The work, known for its magical, yet tragic love story, sets the tone for the album. HAUSER worked with arranger Robin Smith, producer Nick Patrick, and the London Symphony Orchestra to bring this highly anticipated album together. 

You'll be humming and swaying in your seat!