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Helene Grimaud

The Messenger, Extended Version

Deutsche Grammophon

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Silvestrov: The Messenger
Interview with David Serero - iHeart Radio - The Culture News
Qobuz Interview
1 Mozart: Fantasia No. 3 in D Minor, K. 397  
2 Fantasia No. 4 in C Minor, K. 475  
3 Piano Concerto No. 20 in D Minor, K. 466  
4 Silvestrov: The Messenger (For Piano and Strings)  
5 The Messenger (For Piano Solo)  
6 Two Dialogues with Postscript  
7 3 Bagatelles, Op. 1: III. Moderato  
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It's been more than nine and ten years respectively since Hélène Grimaud made her only two Mozart recordings. One might almost think there simply hasn't been room for his music in her multifaceted repertoire, and the pianist does confess that her younger self found the "lightness of being" she associated with his piano works unfulfilling. Now, however, for her latest concept album The Messenger, she has created a pianistic dialogue between Mozart and the Ukrainian-born contemporary composer Valentin Silvestrov. The album released by Deutsche Grammophon in October 2020, is now available as an extended digital edition and on Dolby Atmos, featuring a new track by Silvestrov (3 Bagatelles, Op. 1: III. Moderato) accompanied by a performance video.

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